Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Play by play

My weekend was great, yes I had a blissful four day weekend. On Friday the only thing I got accomplished was cleaning the outsides of all the windows on my house, and I have quite a few, lets count them shall we…..18 windows. I just counted it in my head, so I may have missed a window. Oh and while I did this Oscar watched TV, I wanted him to come out and help me clean up our war zone of a backyard, we are doing some landscaping, i.e. ripping out stupid caragana bushes. It was a beautiful day for this kind of stuff. It never happened, so I moved into the house and decided I would look for some paint to do our horrendously ugly vertical shades in the living room, because my husband is so very cheap and has not let me buy new ones for the past 5 years I think it is. He says there is nothing wrong with the ones we have, oh yes there is buddy, they are peach and horrible and to make matters worse they are also faded. So I have taken matters into my own hands, I am going to paint them white.

So Saturday morning I went into the basement to find some white paint, I knew we had some, alas not enough to paint our blinds. I did however find a can of green paint called “dried basil” that I had no idea we had. So I took it upstairs and announced that I would be painting our kitchen that afternoon. He took it pretty well actually; he’s not one for change. I figure he took it so well because I didn’t actually go out and buy the stuff. He has a favorite wall in the kitchen though, that I absolutely hate. He was very sad to see the wall go; I had to do a “finish” on the wall because the drywall is bad underneath so I have to cover that. I remembered all of our painting goodies were over at his sisters’ place because we painted their house for them way back in May. I decided that I should go to town with her anyway to buy fabric for all of the baby room stuff she wants me to make, so I got her to bring everything over to me before we left.

So off we go to buy fabric, and some white paint. Rachel had no idea that we would be in the fabric store for three hours picking out fabric, and then finding the pattern she liked. After that we went to Quiznos for supper, but we decided to keep it a secret, as Oscar would be really mad at me if he found out we went there and he didn’t get anything. When I got home Oscar asked if I ate already, so I of course said I did, he guessed McDonalds (good guess really Rach and I both love McNuggets) so I just agreed with him that yep that is where we went. Whoo passed that one right by alright!

I didn’t get home until 8:00 but that didn’t stop me from getting the kitchen all set and paint two coats before I went to bed. I had the kitchen all painted and cleaned up by about 3:00 on Sunday afternoon; I know I’m a speed demon hey?

Off I went down to the dark messy basement where we store all of our junk, to the space that is called my sewing room. Ya I’m a sewing, crafting, all that kinda stuff junky. That is why Rachel wanted me make all the stuff for her baby room. So I cleaned up the room, because it was a disaster area, and got myself to work. I seriously disappeared from Sunday afternoon until bed time and them all day yesterday until last night when I emerged from the dungeon; I think I seriously need help. I don’t stop myself until I am either exhausted and sore, or else the project is done, whatever comes first. So Oscar figured I had disappeared for real, he actually came down to check on me to make sure I was still actually in the house and alive. So my project consists of a blanket, bumper pad, bed skirt, and curtains. Needless to say I am completely done the blanket, and almost done the bumper. Everything else is cut out and ready to be sewn together. Ya, I told her I wanted to get all the stuff now so that I had a few months to work on it. I really should have known better, I know myself all to well, that stuff is going to be done in two weeks, and that is being generous. It eats away at me knowing that I have that fabric just sitting downstairs waiting for me. I really think that I need to seek some professional help.

So it is Tuesday, and I have to go home and do all of the household things that I neglected all weekend. Not to mention tidy up around Oscar, because he is a man and forgets that the dishes do not walk up to the kitchen themselves and that things do not wipe themselves, and that the laundry doesn’t amazingly clean itself and fold itself and put itself away. Joking here, sort of he is pretty god at this stuff, but he has his days.

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