Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My boss was away today, and made the mistake of leaving an entire box of mini chocolate bars on the counter as a Halloween treat. No I don’t work in a day care; some days I swear I do but I really don’t. Add a lovely box of Tim Hortons doughnuts to the mix and you have one sugar high kinda day.

Those of us that were in the office today really didn’t seem to get a lot done other than eat and giggle. I kid you not, for sure there were three of us, and we are not 18 year olds; I am in fact the youngest one in the office, but any given day (especially the days without the boss we are all about 18). Ok so we maybe got a little bit of work done today, but not very much. Actually at about 11:00 this morning I began counting down the minutes until the end of the day. It was rather interesting and no one could understand what I was doing, all I knew was that I had come up with an ingenious way to make the day go very slow and to annoy my co-workers.

Adults on a choco-sugar high are rather funny, it’s really a good ole fashion “fix”. Everyone giggles and rolls their eyes into the back of their head, well not everyone but I’m pretty sure the big T* did. Thank the heavens that we have a corporate version of messenger, this way co-workers can fool around without getting caught. I can type away (as I did today) to others in the office, and it actually looks like I am working away, toiling away, putting in a good honest days work. HAHAHA not!

I actually think that I am still on a sugar high, I only ate 3 chocolate bars and a muffin, but then we got a A&W treat as well (thanks to big T), so I think I now weigh in at 125 pounds (not good). The Arnold and Walter was pretty funny actually Topher* managed to pack ‘er away without making a single noise, not a word spoken. There were people in and out, visiting here and there. Topher didn’t lift his head, well maybe to grab a drink of his root beer.

Today being Halloween, I believe it is the annual day for me to anonymously go out and play some good old fashion tricks on the unsuspecting. One individual that crossed into my dark side this morning is getting it for sure. Now where did I put that whipped cream?

* Using aliases to hide the identity of my poor criminals.

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