Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crazy Canucks and our love of the sport

It’s pretty funny how passionate people get about their hockey, and I must admit I fit into this mold. This mostly means us crazy canucks but I know there are some passionate Americans as well but I am not one of those people I am a proud and ardent Canadian.
We Canadians have our one most cherished favourite team, and we also have our one most despised hockey team. Now when someone else put our beloved team down, we get very defensive, as if that individual just cut down our brother or best friend. I try not to get to upset over the everyday jibber jabber, like all the crap getting thrown at me right now because people are highly jealous that my beloved team is currently wiping the ice with the Pittsburgh Penguins. I let them have their five minutes on game day to tell me how the Penguins are going to show up and kick the Wings, blaa blaa blaa.

So of course the next day….for example today, I came into work with a smile on my face and then proceed to ask the certain individuals….not naming names but today it was Kevin and Chris, I asked them what it was that they were talking out of their “behinds” about yesterday. I enjoy when the smart mouths have to eat it the next day, sweet revenge. When we lose and people like to rub it in, I love to not give them the satisfaction, I simply smile and say "oh well" nothing bothers a guy worse than that, ahhhh.

For dirty hockey talk come play off time anything is legal, Canadians fight over hockey almost the way that the Europeans are over footy; ALMOST.

Oh, and my highly despised hockey team is my loving husbands favourite team, things get interesting in our house. In fact, right now he is cheering for the Penguins, so you can imagine some of the spurs we are giving each other lately. I enjoy watching my Wings play hockey anytime and Oscar enjoys watching any hockey, he is a Canadian guy, he lives it, breaths it, he would eat it if he could. However when his Oilers are playing on TV I would rather go have my fingernails pulled out one by one (ok not quite that bad, but I hate watching them play).

So to wrap today up all I have to say is GO WINGS GO, and if you don’t agree….you can go eat dirt, and the odd worm.

Monday, May 26, 2008

my thoughts on movies....

You know when you go to a movie and you expect this great movie and then you leave feeling like you have had the biggest let down of your life? You feel as if you wasted $10.00 on your ticket? Well last night I went to the new Indiana Jones movie (and just for your knowledge, not because I wanted to) and don’t worry I didn’t go in expecting some amazing movie. I went in expecting a dorky movie and that is exactly what I got.

I suggest when anyone goes to a movie you should go in expecting a mediocre movie (even if deep inside you hope the chosen movie will be amazing), just so that if it is a great movie you can leave with a big grin on your face; and if it is a crappy movie you can leave a little less disappointed.

See I am quite excited to go see the Sex and the City movie, but I am not letting myself get swept up in the commercials, because for all I know those are the only good tidbits of the movie at all. I don’t want to leave there thinking that those girls should have left their cosmos and sex stories retired. So I am going in really expecting nothing but a bunch of fluff (which should be just about right because honestly even the biggest die hard Sex fan knows that that is really all that show is in the long run).

So the next time you go to a movie and come out disappointed I don’t want to hear the grumbles about how you expected so much more. The only reason you are disappointed is you own fault, you expected too much from Hollywood……honestly think about it, you expected too much from the home of silicone and whackos.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

my perfect vision

I have a dream, nay a vision. Of the perfect kitchen to ever exist on this planet, but don’t you know that one thing stands in my way….Money. My honey made me proud by buying a lottery ticket yesterday, in hopes of building me my dream kitchen, and bathroom and anything else I can think of.

Back to the kitchen though, it’s rough for Oscar because I went to school for interior design, so my brain is constantly turning with new colours and ideas for our home, inside and out. The kitchen however is on my mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I have drafted, oh, I will say about 5 different layouts for my kitchen. They have the same basic plan, but everyday I think of something different or better. Oh when I get my kitchen make over (someday over the rainbow in years I don’t even want to count) I want to make a royal mess of my main floor. When I go remodel I go all out or don’t go at all. I am ripping out walls and putting in beautiful floors, dark cabinets, stone counter tops as far as the eye can see, an island the size of Hawaii. New appliances of course and lovely glass tile backsplash….I could keep going but I would hate to bore those of you that find reconstruction and design rather boring. I also have to say that if you find that boring then you must be dead, how can you find that stuff boring?! Crazies.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

smash the alarm!

Who honestly likes to wake up an hour earlier than they are used to?

Not me, I will admit that right now. It’s really hard especially after having three months in bed and waking up whenever I wanted to. Now I have to get up extra early and be ready in time for my dear man to drive me to work; an hour early no less!

Oh this is because when you have a seizure the docs think it is fun to punish you by taking away your license. Now don’t get me wrong if you have seizures in the middle of the day for no reason it is a good idea to remove that individual from the roads, because hello….hazard. I am not a hazard, my medication was not strong enough in my system anymore and I have my seizures IN MY SLEEP! Yes, in my sleep, if I didn’t live with someone I probably wouldn’t be aware that I have had any seizures….I’m sure I would eventually figure it out, bitten tongue no idea where I am or who I am for a few hours; but still.

I am only willing to do this wake up early crap for so long, and I’m already getting really tired of it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

seizure fun

So I had another seizure, I was going through my pregnancy thinking everything was ok on that front at least, and it sure as a hell isn’t ok there. My medication is being metabolized a lot quicker than normal and I have a heck of a lot more blood in my system; so now I am so freaked and worried over having to take more medication and having to have my levels checked. I am freaking out about what my medications could do to my child even. Tell you what, the internet is a scary place when you want to find information, I am finding out that I could possibly give my baby a cleft palate and if I’m not taking enough folic acid I could cause the poor thing spina bifida. What was I thinking, imagining that I could have a child while on my seizure medication? My Neurologist put me on this kind and told me it was the best one if I planned on having a family, but I feel as if I really shouldn’t be allowed to have kids; I am screwed up, my health isn’t really all there, so why would I play Russian roulette with a life? I should not have even thought about having a family. Maybe I should have let my husband move on and have a healthy family with someone else, because who knows if our family will be healthy? I can only hope that the only “problems” my children have are family traits you know, like goofy sense of humour, funny ears and the weirdness required to want to stand between two goalie posts…..that sort of thing.

Let me tell you what, I have had one stressful year and a half, I just want it to calm down and go with the flow…..I need my life off I think.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sooooo I had another one

So the weekend was going great, things were looking normal, I was back to work life was great. Then at quarter to six on Sunday morning I had another seizure, flubhappy-muckaluck wonderful. Another fun ride in the ambulance and a few hours in emergency, and my meds upped and informed that I cant drive again. I don't think anyone can try to commiserate with me over the driving thing, no one knows what it is like to lose your freedom until you have your licence taken away, for no reason. I do not have my seizures while I am awake, they are called "waking seizures" for a reason! I have them when my body is leaving the land of dreams otherwise known as REM sleep.

I got to have some blood work done to check the levels of my medication, and the are making me take more....much fun! Oh and get this the blood work has to go to Toronto because nowhere in western Canada does that particular test! We did get to have an ultrasound done yesterday to see the little gaffer, and we get our regular scheduled one next Wednesday so that is fun, we get to see the swimmer two times in two weeks. It is so cool to see the little thing moving and kicking the heck out of my bladder already....yes already.

I want to go shopping, now I'm getting bigger and the "regular" clothes that I have been stretching out are not doing it anymore, they are stretched and will never go back (haha don't tell Oscar but that means I get to go shopping again after!) He figures that two shirts and 3 pairs of pants will do me just fine for the next 20 weeks...ya sorry NO. We have three maybe four weddings to go to, jeans don't do it, and I need some cute shirts and capri pants, I am going shopping dang heck it whether he likes it or not....one problemo, I cant drive who wants to take me up to the big city to buy some clothes?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me!!!! That’s all I have to say!

Oh and above is what I am buying myself for my birthday, because I have always wanted a pair and because my hubby just bought himself a new set of irons.....I think its only fair.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The two dont mix

I have to share with the world how peeved I am, and have always been that my birthday is right around (and sometime even on) Mothers Day. I do not think this is very fair at all, even when I was young I knew it spelt trouble. I always had to share my day MY DAY with my Mom and Grandma and the rest of the moms in the family.

Then when I was old enough to realize that I may one day have children I have always sworn that I would kill the people closest to me if they tried to roll the two days into one. One is my birthday people and the other is Mothers Day, two very different days indeed. Even if it happens to be one of the years when they fall on the same day, I should get two cards and two presents.
At least this year my birthday thankfully is on Saturday and Mothers day is on Sunday.

You bet your gonna hear about it if the families try to mush the two together…oh there will be hell to pay.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hello world!!

So I am back into the world, 3 months of bed rest really sucks after a while. I mean thank the powers that be that I got to lay in bed for most of my puking. Things were a bit scary, but my great hubby took awesome care of me and now I’m up and just look like I have gained a small paunch from lying in bed. Beautiful! It is totally amazing all the things that make a pregnant woman puke, morning breath (yours or someone elses), smells of food you normally love, and the best is simply the thought of some things make you puke!

At least I have a reason, and a good one at that. I get a little pumpkin out of the deal, the only thing I beg of is that the pumpkin does not come out with reddish orange hair like its cousin just did this past January. Hopefully it pops out with thick dark hair like its mom, and really I hope it comes out without all of its father’s ills and stuff. My husband is the king of allergies and scoliosis, not to mention a little weeeeeeird in the melon.

So for all of you that read and would like to know, today I am sitting nicely at 17w/3d, reaching for that 20 weeks, cause then its half way AND maybe these stretching pains will subside, one can only hope!

Woweee, I will be filling you all in soon on my daily goings on.