Friday, October 19, 2007

Request hour

I was sitting at my desk today minding my own business listening to the radio. It was the call in request hour or whatever the station does; some idiot called in and wanted to listen to one of the worst songs in the world that is played over and over on Halloween, the Monster Mash. I would rather pull my hair out one strand at a time then listen to this song, I can’t stand it, and I honestly steer far away from the radio on October 31st.

Today’s post doesn’t have a whole lot to do with me; it does have a lot to do with the people that live in my area and the local radio stations. We happen to have a Hutterite colony near our town, they love to call into the radio request hours and choose songs, and chat away with the DJ. First of all, no one can really understand them and second of all, I cannot get over some of the songs they request.

If you don’t know what a Hutterite is here is a quick little explanation; they live on their own colony. They go to town in whatever vehicle the colony owns; the higher up men can have a cell phone. They speak German, and they have to make their own clothes and the women wear dresses and were a black bonnet/bun cover thing on their head. The men wear black pants, suspenders and collared shirts. They make a bit of money by selling pies, chickens etc to the outside community. The colonies that have more money have more things, such as a nicer vehicle, power, televisions etc. The colony near our town is one of the poorer ones.
Just today right after the Monster Mash was on, a lovely Hutterite gentleman called in and requested Weak in the Knees – Serena Ryder for one of the other guys because this other guy is frustrated today. So I am assuming that his love interest isn’t so interested, maybe she is in love with his brother, who really knows. What I do know is that I laughed and laughed, you don’t understand how often they call in to request songs or just to talk, they love the idea of being on the radio, and it’s like their five minutes of fame. I never actually pay attention to any of it; well mostly because I have my own tunes on, but today I just decided to do the radio thing, I am quite happy I did.

A while back when I listened to the radio one of the Hutterite men called in and requested Madonna; I really actually wonder how they know so much music, they obviously listen to the radio all the time, but come on 80’s Madonna tunes?

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