Thursday, October 4, 2007


Caution! When you know that you have a very hot liquid in your hand, which is meant to be drunk, let the blasted thing cool down first. I had a fantastic hot chocolate on Sunday evening before we headed to the movie. The movie by the way was The Kingdom and it was a very good movie, I want to go again.

OK back to my story, Oscar was a goober and ordered an extra large; I was somewhat smart and ordered a medium. We got these drinks #1, because they are yummy #2 because we were early to town for the movie. So we get these very hot drinks and have to drink them fairly quickly because you can’t take them into the movie. Oscar somehow drank his without burning his mouth, so apparently he has a tongue made of heat proof something or other. That or his hot chocolate was lukewarm, which I highly doubt. I on the other hand am a normal human being, and I was trying to drink my hot chocolate as fast as I could, keep in mind that mine is half the size of his. Oh yes you guessed it right, I burned the crap out of my tongue. At first it only felt numb, the next day a bit sore, and now today, it hurts to talk, it hurts to eat, it just friggin well hurts. So a word of the wise from someone who has experienced this horrific tragedy let it cool down first.

That is all I have for you today.

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Future Mommy said...

Hilarious! I love it!