Tuesday, October 9, 2007

disking anyone?

We live on a farm, but we don’t actually farm. We rent out the land to our neighbor who farms the land; still with me? Two winters ago we had a crap load of trees pushed because they were dead, let me emphasize that there were a lot of them. I know, tree huggers are mad, but this will help feed the worlds population in the long run I promise, that and I don’t know if you were listening but the trees were dead, D-E-A-D. Which means they were doing nothing, just kindling standing in bunches out in the field. The trees were ripped out, and piled neatly; we then lit them on fire, which if you have never seen a brush fire, is an amazing, huge unimaginable pile of fire, scary even. After the fires were out and there were only smoldering ashes left, we buried them. It sat like this for a year, or now almost two years I guess. Are you bored yet?

Now, we have decided to break up this land by disking it. This is where the story gets good, well it’s really actually boring. We are not farmers remember, so we had to borrow Oscar’s parents’ tractor, and rent this behemoth contraption called a disker. Next we have to haul it down the highway, which is an adventure in itself. Now no one knows the actual truth about Oscar; I am married to the worlds biggest worrier, no jokes I am totally serious. We have to haul this thing down the highway, at about 50 km an hour; this thing is bigger than our side of the highway. Oscar talked for the entire trip home, which was over an hour my friends. I am not a chatty person, and incestuous talking drives me up the wall, and I was lucky enough to marry a very talkative individual. Add that to the fact that he is a worry wart along with a huge piece of farm machinery, and the highway. You have yourself a very fun trip, I am not lying. Ok yes I am lying, big time.

By the time we got home I ran, as fast as I could up to the house, I locked the doors and hid. Thank goodness he had to stay outside and hook this thing up to the tractor and go for a few rounds with his dad in the field; it was heaven, complete silence. Oscar’s dad was great, he would drive that thing all day, and then Oscar would get home from work and go out in the tractor. My dear husband does not like to work alone, he must have someone with him at all times, I think it is partly to prove he is actually working, the other part is because he needs someone to talk to 24 hours a day. He kept begging me to come out and ride with him for a “little bit”. I finally got tired of his begging, and because I love him, I decided to walk out to the field two nights in a row to ride with him. Around and around and around the field, breaking up dirt; not to mention that I had to walk through quite a bit of this fresh broken dirt to get to him, which of course filled my shoes with lovely black soil. I would like to now tell you that I would rather walk through a plain old stubble field any day than fresh dirt; I never thought I would say that. We would stay out there until about 10:00 or so and then Oscars dad would come out and go most of the night; then repeat, I believe we did this for three or four days/nights.

Now I am so very lucky again, I get to go with my charming husband this evening to return this gigantic thing to its owner. This is partly because we, (and by this I mean Oscar I just happened to be in the tractor at the time); broke the tractor last night, yep it was a lot of fun, only because we got to walk all the way across the field to where I parked my jeep. It was pitch black, we had a crappy flashlight, and we live where there are coyotes and the like. I got to fill my shoes with dirt again for the third time this weekend; you don’t know how bad I wanted a hot bath.

Isn’t it great what we will do for those we love? Now I need to think of something I can make Oscar do for me, oh I have just the thing. I am going to dare him not to talk for our whole drive tonight, I know he can’t do it, it is his mission impossible.

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