Friday, October 5, 2007

Gobble Gobble

Long weekend! Well for Canadians anyway, it is Thanksgiving this weekend, which means for us, we have to plan around two meals. Both of our families are here, which is great, most of the time. For the holidays, it’s something completely different. Our families are actually pretty good; they ask us when the other side is having their meal, so we are the go between. In theory it sounds excellent, but in reality, it is a head spinning experience. We get to do this every Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, not to mention that birthdays usually fit into this category also. I have begun to lose all interest in the holidays, partly because we plan who has what meal and when and how we will make it to both, then we run all day, trying to make sure we don’t spend more time with your family or mine, because that becomes a source of tension later. It is even worse when Oscar has to work on the holidays, so both meals have to be somewhat later in the day.

What I would honestly like, is for me to lie around the house, and to have both meals delivered to me. No mess no worry, no planning, oh in a perfect world right? The next problem is with Christmas in particular, because both of our families celebrate it on Christmas Day, so it is extra stressful. Open presents at that house, go to the next one and do gifts there, home to change most of the time and then to one or the other for dinner, then back to that one for supper. Not only that, but Oscar doesn’t understand the idea of moderation when it comes to a big turkey dinner; He will eat a heaping plate of food at one place, and don’t forget dessert! Then we will head off to the next house where he will eat another heaping plate of food, with dessert. Once he is done eating no one should walk within a 5’ radius of him, he will groan and complain that he thinks he will blow up. Come on, we have been together for over six years, you would think he would learn his lesson by now, nope; and to make this even worse, the dork somehow manages to lose weight after all of this. If anyone else in the world was to eat that way they would gain a good ten pounds, not him.

For his family, they only have all of the holidays with his Moms side, so things are fairly relaxed and nice. Same with my side, the holidays are celebrated with my Mom’s side so things are nice and relaxed…for everyone else that is.

Have a great gobble gobble weekend fellow Canadians, to the Americans…you will have turkey soon enough.

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