Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I must make a confession

I am a music fiend, I must have music on during all of my waking hours, at work it’s the radio, or else I hook up my ipod which is my best friend in the whole world. On the way home from work it is something from my masive CD collection, or my beloved ipod. At home I either have itunes blaring or the music channels on the TV. If Oscar is home doing his thing (watching TV) I wear my ipod around the house, he of course gets mad at me because he’s yelling at me to come talk to him, and I can’t hear him. Which I have to admit is very nice, I love not being able to hear the outside world, nothing but my songs and my inner voice belting out the tunes (ok, yes I do belt the song out….out loud that is).

If you were to see my play list you might think I was one of those people with multiple personalities. I pretty much have any kind of music you can think of. When I find a new song that I absolutely love, I play it over, and over, and over. My Dad used to freak out, “cant you play any other song?”, so now that I can play my music over and over and not bother any one I play my one tune until I have all of the words memorized and I can sing the song without actually playing it. Yep you can call me a weirdo, I know it. All of the songs that I have ever been in love with, you can bet that I know all of the words.

Right now I am having a love affair with three songs in particular. These songs are; Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood, Stupid Boy – Keith Urban and Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie. So at this very moment I am playing all three of these songs in any order, at least a dozen times throughout the day. I will interject this with the odd other song, but then I get an overwhelming craving for one of these songs. Once the love affair is over, they will move into the general play list and then there will be others, others that I will fall for. For example the last song that I was in love with was Weak In the Knees – Serena Ryder, it has moved into the general play list, but I still play it a little more often than other songs. Today I was playing the odd song in between and I was letting the ipod make the decisions, it pleasantly surprised me with an old favorite from way back when I was about 6. When You Were Mine - Cyndi Lauper, it was sweet.

Some people might wonder where I got this music obsession from. Well I grew up in a house where music was always on, always. In fact when I was just a little girl, a very cute sweet little girl with pigtails Dad taught me how to rock out on the air guitar. I am pretty sure I can kick anyone’s butt in an air guitar competition. I almost entered myself in the world air guitar competition (yes there really is one).

I would go to any concert you ask me to go to, let me repeat that ANY. I have been to concerts from Aerosmith, Greenday, Shania Twain....the list goes on. There is however one band that I must must must see, I absolutely have to see U2. I will sell my husband to go see them, I would buy him back when I get back, I promise; but I want to see them so bad.

If we having a money tight month, where I either have the choice of buying the essentials like milk and bread, I would rather download songs. I am so not lying, Oscar comes home from work on weekends, and hears me playing a new song and he says “you downloaded another song?” Maybe I need help, I don’t know, but maybe this is my bad habit. Other people smoke or gamble, I down load music.

I have no musical talent of my own; I cannot play a musical instrument, even if my life depended on it. Oh that is a lie, I can play Mary had a little lamb on the piano, that is the total extent of my musical talent. I don’t even have a singing voice, well I think I have an amazing singing voice, but others don’t seem to agree. Oscar loves to ask me “Who sings this song?” I always tell him I do, because if you fall for the question and tell him the actual singer or band, he will tell you “well why don’t you let them sing it”. Oh I am so much smarter than falling for that babe.

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