Saturday, October 13, 2007

Are we insane?

So my husband has decided that we will be going to Mexico in May; Yes, May. He is not crazy just so everyone knows, ok that is a lie. He is somewhat crazy, but not about this whole trip business. I wasn’t sure we should go; I mean it is May for heavens sake! I figured though after 5 minutes of thinking really really hard that who doesn’t want to go to Mexico or anywhere nice for that matter, especially when it’s kinda chilly but getting nice here at home? By time we get home it will be shorts weather, so really it will be a nice transition. That and if Oscars sister and husband can haul their 3 month old down there then I guess we can haul ourselves down there, no matter what our future holds.

So the whole reason we are all heading down to Mexico (hotter than we can imagine hell would be like for the month of May), is because Oscars cousin that moved to Mexico just over a year ago is going to get married down there. No she didn’t meet her man down there; he moved down with her, he is a Canuck as well. So they are getting married around the time that is convenient for them, a little weird time for the rest of us.

So I guess it is time to book holidays for the spring of 2008, I feel weird doing that. I feel like I should be booking time off in the dead of winter, to get away from the -30 C to the lovely hot weather of the south.

So are we partly insane....I think so.

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Anonymous said...

I think that any time you can afford to leave the country without crimping your wallet too much is awesome.

Travel well you are young there are a lot more variables that come a long in the near future that keep you from going to those beautiful places at the shack of a hat....\

Enjoy well you can even if it seems hasty and//or crazy