Saturday, September 29, 2007

What can go wrong when you want to go shopping?

Who else out there can relate to this?

You get your purse all packed up, cell phone – check, sunglasses – check, wallet – check, shopping list, which is 3 pages thick, because your lovely husband has asked you to pick up odd items like a ten pack of pink post-it notes, and two flats of canned mushrooms. Anyway – check you stuff that into the already bursting purse. I think to myself that by now I should be investing in a backpack. Finally you pour yourself a nice steaming cup of coffee into a go cup, because you can’t go shopping for groceries until you have your fix of Nitro powered caffeine.

Before you head out, you remember that there are a few things that you have to drop off, there are a few movies to return, and you should make a stop at your friend Candace’s house to drop off her casserole dish from the potluck you had the other night. Oh and then you remember the book you borrowed from your husbands Aunt that you better return before it becomes a fixture on the kitchen table. So you haul all of this stuff out to the vehicle.

Then you have to decide what coat to wear, is it really cold out, or is it just a little cold? You finally make a decision on your brand new $100 Lululemon sweater, which you have second thoughts about because you are pretty sure it may be a bad idea, because you can already foresee that coffee somehow ending up on the front of it. Then you finally get out the house door, where you stand and look at the shoe rack, now what shoes shall I wear? I always want to be stylish to go run mundane errands, heaven forbid I look like Britney when she runs out for a coffee yikes! Finally deciding on the more comfortable flats than the stylish shoes.

You finally load yourself and the sweet sweet coveted coffee into the vehicle, making sure that coffee is safe in its cup holder, start the car, and make sure you have the proper tunes while the garage door is opening. You finally pull out of the garage and get going down the road. You begin compiling a list of all the other things you want to do while you are out of the house, you decided to write down a quick list, you reach over to the passenger seat to grab your pen and dictionary sized shopping list, as you realize. Your freakin purse is sitting on the kitchen counter next to the coffee maker.

Note: I can only imagine how much more work is involved when you have a baby or young child to load into the vehicle. My hats off to you lovely ladies! I honestly have to say I am actually jealous, and I cannot wait until the day I get to load a baby into my vehicle, as long as it’s not the baby I forget on the garage floor, or in the shopping cart, or anywhere else for that matter. Oh my, maybe I’m not cut out for that career!

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