Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do I have to?????

I dont want to work anymore....well I want to work, just not the current job I have. I want to be a creator, a photographer, a designer; really anything that uses the creative juices are the ones I want. I really think I am going to take a photography course, do some fun stuff do some family stuff and see what people think. I honestly love photography I could watch a professional do their thing for hours, not to mention looking at the amazing work that comes out after all the creativity.

You should see the stuff I take pictures of, Oscar things I'm weird when I agree to go to the golf course with him and while he's golfing Im taking pictures of a flower, or the landscape, or I set up a shot of him putting or really anything that catches my eye. I erase all the nonsence later, because no one is going to look at it other than me, but I loooooove taking pictures, and if I could do it for "real" would be awesome.

Now, to find some money to take this course with is my problemo. I of course havent worked all summer because I have had something like three more seizures and my doctor took me off work; oh I tell ya life is grand for me. Seizures....then a kidney infection that I thought was going to kill me, then another seizure, more medication. I look like the drug queen when you see what I get to take everyday; but enough about me.

Money......hmmm any ideas??

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here I Am!!!

I could tell you that I took the summer off, but then I would be totally lying. So we will go with that, I took the summer off, of everything really....no work, no blog. I guess you could say I have been totally useless, well to some extent. I am currently growing a human, so I have been "working". I was reminded about blogging this weekend by a two strangers...."stranger danger, stranger danger!" Well I haven't seen them in forever and a day, so I am teasingly calling them strangers. None of us has changed, other then I have a basketball in my shirt and ole Duff is trying to catch up to me......Stacy really THREE pieces of dessert?? Oh well it helped soak up some of those drinks hey buddy?

This past weekend was by little cuz's wedding, it was very nice, but the best part of it is seeing family and friends that you don't get to see often....like my strangers I mentioned in the above paragraph. Why I am writing a paragraph about seeing family I really don't know because the ones that live far away...its nice, and I will be happy to keep it that way. You know family is one of those things you keep hidden at the back of a shelf and you only pull out for "special occasions" and you shove 'em right back into the the dark corner of that shelf when its all said and done. Now don't get me wrong, not all of the family has to be shoved away; just the weirdos, and I have to say, some families have way more of them than others. Then there are the ones that seem normal, you cant really place your finger on why you have them shoved away in the darkest space at the back of your cluttered closet......then they open their mouth and it all comes racing back. Oh ya, I had some of that this past weekend. Nuff said really.

I just want to note here, that Somerlee's camera has many random pictures on it....and I didn't do it...well not all of it. I only did a few fun ones and then someone saw me having fun.....that is all I will say. I hope to see my strangers again soon.

Please enjoy my picture of Stacy very much enjoying his 3rd piece of dessert, which he spread all over the table. Yes he is special, but we love him anyway.