Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The perfect Costume?

The Halloween party at the local watering hole will be held next weekend, most of the people that attend enjoy dressing up for the evening; to pretend they are someone or something else, and to have some wobbly pops and run around like they are 10, and I am hoping that 10 year olds don’t drink wobbly pops, just pops.

Oscar and I haven’t been to the party the last few years, we are however thinking about going this year. We have never dressed up for the event either, and for some reason my lovely husband is all over the idea of putting on a costume this year. He has never wanted to do this before, so I am kind of wondering what he is thinking, maybe there is an ulterior motive going on here; I’m just not really sure what it is. Perhaps he has decided to finally let that long time forgotten fantasy to dress up as a butterfly again like he did when he was little out of the bag. Don’t get me wrong, I would gladly help him dress up into any costume he chooses, if it is a weirdly girly costume like this butterfly thing from his past; which he would kill me for mentioning on here, but it’s too late now. I will have to find a manly, boyish costume for myself, not that I want to but something has to be done to balance out the girlyness.

If I am going to dress up, which I haven’t even decided on yet, I was thinking about something funny, perhaps a pregnant nun, or a headless person, or the grim reaper. I know the grim reaper isn’t all that original, but I am grabbing at straws here; and if I want to decide on my costume I need a little time to build the costume. The headless outfit is one I did when I was younger, so I would have to get on it, and make a paper Mache head and built the shirt. I think it would be sweet, then no one would know who you are; that is my favourite part, when people try to figure you out.

Friends of mine went as blow up dolls last year or the year before, I wasn’t there to see it, but my gosh were the outfits creepy when I saw pictures, imagine it if you will, rubber suits with a blow up valve at the belly button, and a mask thing with no facial expression and a ummm well open mouth shall we say. Yep pretty darn weird if you ask me.
Who comes up with some of the costumes you can buy? Seriously, I have been looking around, and geesh there is everything from being a chick magnet, to a body bag, really. If you Google Halloween costumes you should see all the junk that comes up, there are some really good ones among the muck though.

Here comes Halloween, my favourite time of year!!! Bwahahahahaha

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Jenn from TTCAM said...

A butterfly? That's wild!

You could make an easy costume: Put duct tape on you (backwards so the sticky side is sticking out), and put candy, trash, popcore, etc. on it. You can go as the floor of a movie theater :-)