Monday, January 4, 2010

wow what a dizzying holiday

Well now that life in general is back to normal.....I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Our was......well busy, Christmas eve afternoon at Oscars mom and dads, Christmas eve at my mom and dads. Back home for precious sleep, wake our daughter up early (which I really don't think is fair, but when you have families to keep happy, what do ya do) to open presents here; then to my parents for a quick morning, presents, quick breakfast and off to Oscars mom and dads for the remainder of the day.

New years is almost as bad. Who are we spending new years eve with? who do we have to spend all of New years day with?

I am not going to get into how I feel about Christmas, it makes me all riled up and grouchy. I hate having to talk about where and when and how and on and on.

So thankfully it is over, don't get me wrong I love spending time with family and giving gifts. but I am so happy it is done. I took down the tree yesterday, and put away the Christmas decorations. I left out all my snowmen though. They represent winter, which I am totally ok with.

Back to the grind, you will hear from me again soon.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Stress

I can't believe that it is Christmas already, I say this every year.

The last 2 Christmas' I have managed to get myself somewhat into the spirit. I put up the tree, get the lights on the house, get all of my snowmen from storage (I love snowmen by the way). Get the house wintery and warm.

I do love Christmas, I love the shopping for gifts and lovingly wrapping them with pretty paper and ribbons, topped off with my home-made gift labels. I get everything wrapped long before Christmas, I love that part.

On the other hand I find Christmas very stressful, I always have since Oscar and I have been together, because both of our families live right here. So of course everyone wants you, and neither of us will give anything up (our families would freak anyway). It is a blessing and a curse! Now with Isabel around it is even worse. I just want to stay home and not have to think about it. Complaining? I guess a little bit. Just today talking about having to put Isabel to bed super early so we can get her up super early is so not fair for her. I don't think this will happen next year.

Ahhh the joy of the holidays!

Friday, December 18, 2009


You know those things that you put off until tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that until months have passed?

"Mucking" ot our room is one of those things" and now that I work at home I decided I should probably tackle this one. I came out of our room with a black garbage bag full, as well as a basket full of things for the basement and things that just need to be put away. I also emerged with a box of items for a garage sale, and countless books to pass along.

I also had a little helper who loves to throw things in the garbage and get into many things that she shouldn't! She makes things more interesting, and the job to take longer.

The job is complete and I feel great and I imagine that Isabel feels the same.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I love the snow

I took Isabel out into the snow for her first real time today. She has been out there, but it has been to cold for her to really get into it and play, she tasted the snow off her mitts and her cheeks got rosy red. It was so fun, it made me remember how much I loved playing out in the snow, you know one of those trips down memory lane.

I remember going out and playing for hours in the snow. Mom would send me out in the middle of the afternoon and I wouldn't go back in until Dad would get home from work and it was dark out. What did I do outside in the snow? I really cant remember much, other than laying with my dog Sheara and digging out snowdrifts. I remember going to skate at the outdoor rink and going into the little building to huddle up to the heater, just to go back out again.

One of my favorite memories is when we would all go skating on the creek. Family and friends would pack up hot dogs, hot chocolate and everything you would need for an evening of skating and visiting around a fire while us kids would skate on the creek and some of the adults would come out for a quick skate as well. Another great outside holiday memory I have is on Christmas day when supper was at our house all of my Aunts, Uncles cousins, grandparents.....Everyone would come over early in the day so that we could all suit up and head out to the big hill behind our house and we would sled and visit and play all day until we were either frozen or it was time to head in for supper.

Tis' the season for snowy memories!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's All Gone to the Dogs

It is a cool -50 with the windchill outside.

Our dogs......think that gives them the right to refuse the outdoor toilet and use the dining room and kitchen floor.

If you could look at my face you would see one that is not very happy and sees absolutely no humour in it.

Oscar's excuse for his little poodle is that she is like over 100 years old, so give her a break. I give my chih zhu no excuses other than laziness, and by the way I don't give the poodle any slack either, ya shes old, but she still knows how to do her business outside. Really get out do it and get in.

I am about to lose it on their little furry behinds.

I may be advertising two free dogs to go on here soon if it doesn't warm up out there. Watch for the advertisement coming soon.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Makes Us Crazy

Ahhh ha-ha. So we ventured out in the -50 weather on Saturday to go to the big city and complete our Christmas shopping. Seriously, why? Because we just had to, up at 6:30 WTF its a day off! But I sacrificed. My vehicle never did fully heat up (engine I mean for all you non-mechanical brains). My tush was warm with the heated seat don't you worry about me.

You is fun, and the mall (west ed) was soooo quiet in the morning, but holy cow, the clock strikes 12 and the mall is a zoo. We quickly got the rest of what we had to do in the mall completed (including eating Opa! yummm), then headed out to the south side. Where you get to park somewhere in the middle of where you want to go and you run people you run when it is that cold, to get to each store without freezing your appendages off. We had to hit, Ikea (which I am a pro at speed walking through, I believe we were in and out in record time 30 minutes.) then we had to hit: golf town, Michael's (my personal fave), Children's place, Quicksilver outlet....hmmm oh a Walmart seriously I know we have two right here, but we were trying to find a certain item and we just wanted to get 'er done. I am missing a few stores, I know it. However I am proud to say that Christmas shopping is complete and all gifts are wrapped. whoop whoop!

We were completely done shopping by 6:00 and headed out of the city, but of course you always have to stop and visit friends when you are up that way. Needless to say we didn't actually get home until 2:00. sleep

Friday, December 11, 2009

sooo anyway just an update to where we stand today.

To get you all up to speed. I have gotten pregnant, been on bedrest...gotten out of bed, had a few seizures. Spent some time in the hospital, been off work; had my baby....been on Mat leave and back to work for three months and gotten stressed out; and here we are today....back in the GOOD. We are here to stay.