Saturday, September 29, 2007

What can go wrong when you want to go shopping?

Who else out there can relate to this?

You get your purse all packed up, cell phone – check, sunglasses – check, wallet – check, shopping list, which is 3 pages thick, because your lovely husband has asked you to pick up odd items like a ten pack of pink post-it notes, and two flats of canned mushrooms. Anyway – check you stuff that into the already bursting purse. I think to myself that by now I should be investing in a backpack. Finally you pour yourself a nice steaming cup of coffee into a go cup, because you can’t go shopping for groceries until you have your fix of Nitro powered caffeine.

Before you head out, you remember that there are a few things that you have to drop off, there are a few movies to return, and you should make a stop at your friend Candace’s house to drop off her casserole dish from the potluck you had the other night. Oh and then you remember the book you borrowed from your husbands Aunt that you better return before it becomes a fixture on the kitchen table. So you haul all of this stuff out to the vehicle.

Then you have to decide what coat to wear, is it really cold out, or is it just a little cold? You finally make a decision on your brand new $100 Lululemon sweater, which you have second thoughts about because you are pretty sure it may be a bad idea, because you can already foresee that coffee somehow ending up on the front of it. Then you finally get out the house door, where you stand and look at the shoe rack, now what shoes shall I wear? I always want to be stylish to go run mundane errands, heaven forbid I look like Britney when she runs out for a coffee yikes! Finally deciding on the more comfortable flats than the stylish shoes.

You finally load yourself and the sweet sweet coveted coffee into the vehicle, making sure that coffee is safe in its cup holder, start the car, and make sure you have the proper tunes while the garage door is opening. You finally pull out of the garage and get going down the road. You begin compiling a list of all the other things you want to do while you are out of the house, you decided to write down a quick list, you reach over to the passenger seat to grab your pen and dictionary sized shopping list, as you realize. Your freakin purse is sitting on the kitchen counter next to the coffee maker.

Note: I can only imagine how much more work is involved when you have a baby or young child to load into the vehicle. My hats off to you lovely ladies! I honestly have to say I am actually jealous, and I cannot wait until the day I get to load a baby into my vehicle, as long as it’s not the baby I forget on the garage floor, or in the shopping cart, or anywhere else for that matter. Oh my, maybe I’m not cut out for that career!

Friday, September 28, 2007

My current 5 step program

Some people may or may not know that Oscar and I recently had a miscarriage. Actually it was a month ago, but really to me it doesn’t feel like a month ago.

Women are funny creatures, when something bad happens to us; we cry our faces off at the drop of a hat. You should have seen me in the weeks following, and to be honest when people close to me try to be soothing still, I blubber.

I am pretty much past the cry at everything phase, I have moved onto the deep seated anger at pregnant women phase. I am not sure if there is a 5 step “program” to go through before a person sees the end of the tunnel, but I am going to invent one. Some women may find that they are a combination of two or more of these, as I find myself in between a few also.

1. The non-stop crying and the feeling that you just lost the most important thing in the world. Everyone is different, some of us will cry our waterworks dry within a week, or maybe two; others will cry for months on end. Most of us will get upset even when we see commercials about peeing on pregnancy tests. Are our brains and thoughts out on vacation? You can bet your patutee they are out on vacay, they figure “this chick has lost it, I’m outta here!” They don’t return for at least two to three weeks.

2. Then you don’t want to leave the house, or see other humans. The only reasons you do actually leave the house is to go to and from work, and possibly go to places where the chance of seeing someone you know (particularly some one that knows) is somewhere between slim and none. You also make every effort to steer clear of places with those blissful &%#* pregnant women. I know it sounds harsh, you are really happy for them you are just ticked that you are not one of them.

3. From there we move into the next phase, we feel angry at most or all pregnant women. We also feel the bitter bug and big old green eyes when we see women that are walking around with brand spanking new babies. We feel this way because we are not sure if they have ever felt this pain, or if they were just merrily set on their pregnant way, and they are so friggin gleeful just wandering around with perma-smiles slapped on their faces! Ok here we go again, really we are happy for them, when we rationalize with ourselves we realize that it is lovely that some women never have to go through this, we are just mad at what happened. At the back of our minds we are still counting the clock at how many weeks we would be at this point. We cant help it, its that inner "clock" they always talk about. If we had our way we would take it out, chuck it across the room and then stomp on it.

4. Now we go to the "where in the world is she?" phase. We ask ourselves why is this torturing me? I want to get on with it; I just want to feel like I am allowed to want to try! While we are in this step quite a bit of our rationale steps out the door. Our brains contemplate taking another vacation; we begin questioning and bargaining with the powers that be, along with trying to make deals with our bodies. We are anxious and growly again, but then again when haven’t we been on this lovely journey?? Some of us just want to move away to paradise, and never think of this again. Doesn't a cabana boy and a lot of cervezas sound lovely at this point?

5. The last step “Yay, I can try again” phase, this one is tricky. Some women are gung-ho about the whole thing, others have reservations about it. Do I or don’t I? What if it happens again? How will I handle this? Will I be a mess? Am I supposed to, or was this all a sign? The questions go on and on, some of these questions have been floating around our heads all along, others are new and just popping out of the woodwork. Thank goodness our husbands and other halves are starting to see some sunlight. They have been on a sort of roller coaster with you, not quite the same one, but they have been on their own ride.

Oscar’s sister, my lovely sister in law, which I am very lucky to have. She is the most caring and understanding person on the entire pregnant, Rachel and her husband are expecting their first in February. She has been a doll and given me miles of space, which I am very thankful for, if I had my way I would see her and only be able to see her from the neck up, no joke. I just want one too for crying out spanking loud!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All Thursday night TV freaks please raise your hand!

I am not a television freak most of the time, but don’t mess with me and the remote on Thursday nights. That my friends, is my night to stare lovingly at the TV, and to block out my husband and the dogs and the phone, oh and the dirty dishes, otherwise known as "the real world". Yes people I am a Grey’s Anatomy freak, I am somewhat embarrassed and some what proud to admit it. I will however go up on the roof of my house and yell it to the world if someone wants me to, no one will hear me, but I will do it if I have to.

Yes I do have Grey’s Anatomy written in my day planner, highlighted in hot pink; and I have been thinking about this day for about two weeks, I am thinking about buying a bottle of wine, and some high end cheese to enjoy while I float away on the season premier cloud. I may even turn the lights down low and light a few candles…you know like the tub scene with Derek and Meredith?

There is a girl that I work with who is equally as crazy about Grey’s Anatomy as I am, believe it or not people, we talked on the phone at work about Grey’s Anatomy for a good fifteen minutes yesterday, shh don’t tell the boss. Who would have thought that someone could dedicate an entire post to this show? Well Ladies and Gents, I can! I have already gone to the site, which is bookmarked as one of my favorite sites, and I read all about what is to happen tonight, this very night. I even watched the sneak peak.

Some of you may not believe me when I tell you that I didn’t even watch any of the first season. I was completely oblivious to this wonderful show, completely and utterly unaware, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that. I did get hooked at the beginning of season two however after a family member began giving me the gory details over the summer. I of course had to borrow her season one DVD and catch up so I was totally on the same page, and knew what the heck the story lines were on the show.

My obsession is so bad people that when Oscar and I were away for two weeks to Mexico last February, I made sure our pvr receiver was set up to tape the two episodes I was missing, I even fretted about it while sitting on my balcony on these two Thursday evenings. When we made it home from our trip, the first thing on my mind was picking our dogs up from the babysitter (my Mom and Dad) and the second thing on my mind was catching up with all my favorite people. No not real friends and family, I mean the Grey’s cast you fools.

So those of you that watch, tonight is gonna be good! George has to repeat his intern year, Callie might be pregnant. Cristina starts looking for Burke, but he is of course gone. Izzie, Cristina, Meredith and Alex get their very own interns, and Meredith’s surprise sister is an intern. Not to mention what is going to happen between Derek and Meredith. Oh I can’t wait!

Isn’t it really amazing how people love to absorb themselves into some make believe perfect or imperfect world with flawless looking people? I guess it makes us forget about all the normal, boring, and otherwise mundane stuff that we deal with everyday, however I do believe that all the junk and funk I deal with on a daily basis is totally worth making into a show. I really do believe that if a network approached a “normal” person like you or I (me in particular) and just followed us around all day, I am very certain that they would find out that they have a huge smash hit on their hands. Who doesn’t like to laugh at everyday people, I sure as heck know I do! It would be real life soap opera stuff, man you cant get any better than that.

Oh, and who watched Addison’s new show last night?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My dear Dad

So before I start this post I will share with you the likenesses between my Dad and I. We are both dorks, I mean we both have the weirdest sense of humour, and we both thrive on playing practical jokes on close friends and family, sometimes the odd stranger gets it too. We both also have an “I’m a grouch, and I mean business, don’t approach me” face, this is our everyday face. Tell us a good joke or give us the chance to do something funny or say something funny, and the face disappears. We really are nice people, its just the face that tricks people.

Telling you a little about my Dad will help you understand the following. My Dad has always enjoyed coming up with the strangest things to call my Mom, this is pretty much for as long as I can remember. In fact I remember all of our Saturday mornings watching cartoons one of Dads favorites was Goof Troop. I think he got a lot of his ideas off of there.

Mom recently forwarded this e-mail to me; Dad was telling her how crappy he felt at work the other day. As you will see, Mom has begun calling Dad names also, I mean after 25 years of marriage that kind of thing can rub off on you.

“I don’t know how long I am going to last at work today. I took 2 Dayquil this morning when I left the house and they are useless today for some reason.
I have rubbed my eyes constantly this morning. They are so dry and sore. My head feels like a well used soccer ball. Plain and simple I feel like I have been run over by a bus. I am also exhausted. Slept like crap last night.
Love you Maple Syrup.

To which Mom replied with:

“Guess I will have to bring home Nyquil if you would like. There is also some eye drops in my dresser drawer do you think the Tylenol worked better?
Love you Walnut

Dad replied:

“Yes the Tylenol did work better. Don’t bother with the Nyquil. I'll have lions and tigers and bears chasing me and Dorothy through the Land of Oz if I take that stuff.
Love you Butter Knife

The e-mail goes on, but I think you get the idea of my Dad’s humour and his odd name calling; generally the names have something to do with food or kitchen utensils/appliances. I mean he will pick anything, look around your kitchen right now what do you see? Oh you see that jar of peanut butter that one will work great! Peanut butter butt or anything like that!

I will make a quick list for you of just a few of Dad’s favorites. Jam jar, oven mitt, sugar cube, cookie jar, butter tart.

Kelsey, how does it feel to be legal?

Growing up with a little sister, well I wasn’t all that happy when she came along really. Seriously, it was just me for six years, can you blame me? I do know that when she came along I had a wonderful name picked out for her, but Dad kept getting mad at me when I adamantly called her Sara, over and over.

Kelsey, dear little Kelsey, poor girl is only 5’ tall, now I’m not much taller than her, but it does count, I have 3 inches on her. She is ticked because had she been shorter 4’10” to be exact, she would have been able to get disability money…or so she tells me.

Come along with me as I reminisce about some funny stories of growing up with this little fire cracker.

We will start with the story about the Vaseline; it is one of my personal favorites. In this story Kelsey was about 4, I will guess, which put me at about 10 I think. One fine evening I was letting my sister actually follow me around, and I think to subtly make her leave me alone I had a great idea to cover her entire body with Vaseline. I told her that models do this all the time and that it would make her skin soft. So obviously folks in the long run I wasn’t lying to her, in fact I was looking out for her. Well I told her she had to stay like that until bedtime which was at least 2 hours away. Bedtime comes, Mom is getting Kelsey’s pajamas out, and Kelsey sweetly inquires whether or not she can take the Vaseline off. I know I didn’t get in trouble for this one. In fact I think Mom thought it was rather funny, because we still laugh about it today.

The next stop on memory lane involves my box of play clothes. I had a wrap skirt thing for dance classes (it was from a friend, in fact my old babysitter) this wrap skirt was purple leopard print, very nice. Well I wrapped it around Kelsey’s little body (keep in mind she was probably about 3) to make her a lovely dress, I was very crafty and fashion minded even back then. To top the look off Kelsey put on a pair of Mom’s high heels and I know that Kelsey decided that the outfit was not complete without her set of binoculars. I know this for a fact because, bless my Mothers heart, she took a picture of Kelsey, all decked out and me (the designer). We have lovingly named this picture "Jane" as in "me Tarzan you Jane." Kelsey actually has not lived this photo down and I don’t think she will for pretty much the rest of her life. I even made sure that it was used at her graduation ceremonies in the class slide show. She may not have loved it, but really what are big sisters for?

Kelsey was also a sleep walker, not to often, but when she did it, she made it pretty funny. Like late one Friday night she made her way out of bed and into the dining room, where Mom found her, she asked Kelsey what she was doing. Kelsey replied that she wanted to do her math homework, what makes this story even better is that she didn’t have homework that weekend, and she hates math.

Like most small children trying to find their way through our English language, Kelsey was no exception. One lovely summer evening Mom, Dad, Kelsey and I were outside playing badminton in our front yard. Kelsey was really just swinging her racket around while the rest of us played. Kelsey very seriously turned to Dad and said “Daddy, I killed a scumeeto”, well it doesn't take an English major to figure out what word she was trying to use. Yes she was telling Dad that she killed a mosquito. Well needless to say we were all rolling around on the ground laughing until it hurt. Meanwhile Kelsey is standing there, with the most serious look on her face wondering what was so funny about the fact that she killed a scumeeto.

I think now is the time to list a few funny one liners and mispronunciations Kelsey had when she was little.

- We were on a trip somewhere; Kelsey was having a nice nap in her car seat. When she shot up and announced “I leaked!” In case you all need this spelled out for you…yes she had a bit of an “accident”
- Kelsey had a motorbike toy that Dad bought her, no one knew how special that toy was to her until the time that Dad accidentally knocked it down the stairs and she started crying “Daddy broke my motormike”.
- We were at the local Remembrance Day service, where Kelsey was sitting on Grandpas knee. He looked down at Kelsey and asked “Where is your Poppy?” to which Kelsey very seriously replied “At home tied up.”
- Kelsey saw a toy she figured she just had to have on a commercial, she ran out to the kitchen to tell Mom that she wanted whatever it was from that commershimal.

Well I’m absolutely giddy with happiness that I got to share some of my favorite stories about my sweet little sister Kelsey. Now to see how she feels about it! Love you Kelsey HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Do you remember your 18th Birthday?

A few of you will be thinking, why is the 18th birthday so important? Well, where I grew up (and still live) 18 is the legal age to drink, since you are legally an adult and can vote and all of that other fun stuff, you can also drink (not that most of the kids turning 18 haven't had experience with alcohol already, but that is a totally different topic!). It really is funny because we live very close to the Saskatchewan border, where the legal drinking age is 19, so all the 18 year old kids drive into Alberta to go to our bars.
The reason I am asking if you remember your 18th birthday, (or for those of you who couldn't drink until 19 or 21 or whatever the ages are), is because my little sister Kelsey turns 18 tomorrow. Not that she is a drinker, and neither am I. Oh don't get me wrong, I usually have one good one once a year, then I remember why I don't drink.
It is the tradition to take the birthday girl/boy out to the local bars and get them plastered. Well her birthday is a Tuesday...what the heck hey? I know mine was a Thursday, so I only had Friday to get through, and thank the heavens that we were just decorating for our graduation that Friday!

I wonder...shall we do this to her tomorrow, or on the weekend, I suppose it really all depends on when she works. I know it wont be a late night, a few shots, a pitcher of whatever and she will be ready to go home to bed. Why be so cruel you ask? Because as I said before it is the tradition, when a friend or relative below her turns 18 she will be all over this the same way her friends and family are right now.

I actually very vividly remember my younger cousin Kaylan's 18th birthday, that one my friends was one for the history books. In fact I think he will never, ever live it down. He was very very drunk (to put it lightly), well he was at the far end of the bar, no where close to the bathroom, can you tell where this story is going? I could see it on his face as we were all gathered around the table, well he didn't even attempt to get up, he just leaned over his chair, then to add to the fun a guy from town thought he would be funny and handed Kaylan his hat. Kaylan proceeded to use the hat as a pail, then handed it back, ok so it doesn't sound all that funny, but oh my lord, it was hilarious for all of us there. My aunt and uncle were there for the festivities, and to drive the poor boy home when he was ready to go. Kaylan was sitting beside his Mom, God bless her soul, she got to hear all about her sons recent ummm activities. These activities happened to be with a friend of mine, who was also sitting at the table....and you know how drunks are, well they don't lie and they sure as heck don't hold back. Need I say more? Just in case Kaylan is reading this post I will end this little story now.

I will though tell the story of my friend's 18th birthday, this dear friend is mentioned above, (Kaylan's conquest). Her name is Courtney, now Court was nowhere near what Kaylan was, she did however get good and drunk. Her parents were also with us for the evening. Courtney will forever be in dept to her Dad, whenever a shot came to the table, Court's dear Dad would say "Do you want to feel good tomorrow?" to which already drunk Courtney would reply "yep" her dad would then say "well I'll drink it then". So Courtney's Mom got to drive 2 messes home that night.

Those are only a few of the hilarious 18th birthdays I have had the privilege of attending. So I really can't wait to take my dear little sister out to properly celebrate her 18th birthday....well I don't know how much she will enjoy it, but I know that the rest of us will. Tomorrow I will tell a few stories about growing up with my little sister. It will be my birthday present for her, I am sure she will love it!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Small Town Fun

So, I want to talk a little bit about growing up in a small town, since I am a small town Thoroughbred. As you see above, I grew up in home of the worlds largest softball. Yes it is amazing, it's even more amazing in real life, I would never lie to you!!

I went to a school that is K-12, when I started school we had something like 28 kids in my class, that was huge. When I graduated we had 19, and that was still considered a really big class.

Small towns are at the same time a blessing and a curse. Anyone that has lived in a small town knows this. Sometimes everyone knows what you did before you even know that you did it! On the other hand though if something were to happen to you the entire town rallies around you.

Now to get to the fun stuff, I am going to enlighten you with some funny things that could happen to kids growing up in a small town, or just general small town things.

- We went to parties at a pasture, barn, gravel pit, or in the middle of a dirt road. On Monday, you could tell who was at the party because of the scratches on their legs from running through the woods when the party got busted. Most of our party places had funny names so that the adults and the cops couldn't find them.
-We knew who was old enough to "boot" for us, and which ones would.
-It was cool to date somebody from the neighboring town.
-You give directions by people, not street names. (Turn at The Arena, go west to Goodall's and it's four houses down from the park.)
-Your car is always filthy because of the dirt roads, and pastures, and almost anywhere else you drove to get to the party, or just to booze cruise on a Wednesday afternoon when you decided to skip classes.
-You nicknamed all of your teacher, and called it to their face. Whether they liked it or not.
-Kids drove almost anything to school, from the family vehicle to their snowmobile or quad.
-Many of my classmates got called by their older siblings name.
-A few of our teachers would talk about when they taught our parents, or went to school with them.
-You can charge anything at any local store or write a check without any ID.
- You think nothing of it to see a certain 2 older men either driving their tractor or their peddle bike through town anytime of the year.
- Most people go by weird or funny nicknames, and everyone knows exactly who you are talking about.
- You go booze cruising and then decide to go back to school so you don't miss a certain class.
- You skip a day of classes to go gopher hunting, or you use the excuse of harvest to get out of class.
- You could walk up town and back to school all during lunch break.
- Sometimes if someone threw a party in town at their house the party would end up filling the street because there was only one party for three towns on any given night, so everyone showed up for the party.

There are just a few things about growing up in a small town. Anyone else have any good ones?? Leave me a note and I will add it to the list!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Are you thinking I am whacked out, what the .... is she doing writing about that already! Well my entry yesterday sort of did part of the trick, not to mention my Christmas party committee meeting, along with many other thing.

Oscar and I were in Edmonton for our anniversary on Labour Day weekend, we were spending a day wondering through West Edmonton Mall, (seriously you do wander through that place, if you have never been there...good luck). We were taking a badly needed break from all of the walking and I happened to look up to the second floor, Europa Boulevard to be exact, and to my horror I saw huge Christmas trees, and lights, and poinsettias! I was speechless, I just poked Oscar in the ribs and pointed upward. He also was disgusted, but once I could finally speak again, we discussed it and came to the conclusion that to decorate 493 000 square metres of space that they would really have to start decorating this early. However I am still not happy about it.

To get off topic here...I just Googled West Ed (us Albertans call it that) to find out the actual size of the place, and found some interesting information: "The West Edmonton Mall (WEM), promoted as the "Eighth Wonder of the World," is Alberta's primary tourist attraction. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest shopping centre and the world's largest parking lot, the WEM covers 49 hectares and encloses 493 000 square metres of space - the equivalent of 104 football fields." Actually if anyone wants to read up on this behemoth wonderland you can go to: and to
To get back onto my actual topic work I was placed (by myself even) onto the Christmas party committee, yes I ask myself every day what the H E double hockey sticks I was thinking. This is I believe the hardest, biggest committee to tie yourself to, no wonder once someone is off it they stay as far away from it as possible. Believe me, I will be one of them! Believe it or not, this is my second year fumbling through the Christmas party planning. The term is two years, I wasn't crazy enough to throw myself on it twice, heavens no!

To plan nice big Christmas parties for the work place, you have to start planning in the spring. I somehow ended up with the whole big fat Christmas party file. I do believe it is because I am the only woman on the committee, no joke here people. That's what happens when there are 100 men (give or take) and about 8 women in my place of employment. We get stuck with all the fun stuff. We also decided to give ourselves a headache and mix it up this year. We used to get a comedian or the like in every year, and it started to get old and expensive. So we are going to have a Curling & Casino night. Sound fun? You would be surprised how many people think so. We are so behind on actually planning this year, because I was sick for over a month (also away from work for this time) and no one on the committee took up the initiative to maybe get on it. Yay for me, I get to organize all these guys, assign jobs, and take a pile of jobs on myself, because honestly, are men really going to do some of these jobs correctly? I didn't think so.

Well we are coming up on the last week of September, so I am pretty sure by the stroke of midnight on the 30th the Christmas Commercials will commence. Good luck everyone, I know I have already started compiling my Christmas shopping list!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

"I, I'm driving black on black, Just got my Licence back..."

And if you don't know that song, shame on you, its a gooder!

I know I know, 2 posts today, but I just have to scream from the roof tops... I got my licence back, whoop whoop!!

Now I know what some of you might be thinking, "oh my Gosh, she must have ran someone over!" or "Was she driving while under the influence of chocolate?" To this I must answer that NO neither of the above or anything else that you may be thinking....OK, well I do have to admit that I do drive under the influence of the most wonderful invention of the world chocolate, in fact most of the time that I do eat it, I am driving. Also I am pretty sure there have been people that I would like to run over, but I have never given in to the urge.

I was not allowed to drive for six months from my seizure, yep seizure. I am a freak though, because most people don't get these chicken dances when they are in their 20's right out of the blue. And to add to the mystery, mine occur in the middle of the night. God bless my husband, the guy is the heaviest sleeper this world has ever seen, and he is pretty sure that "someone" woke him up the nights when I had these as he likes to call them "Hasek dances". So I get to be on fun drugs, probably forever, which sucks but I guess it means no more funky chicken for me, which is good. I am in the clear to do whatever I want woohoo. Look out Nitro cars, here I come!

No one fully understands what kind of freedom their licence actually stands for until they have it taken away in an instant, especially for nothing that you really did. It has been a dreadful 6 months, I mean I have had to get up a full hour earlier than normal, to be driven to work by my chatty husband (can you tell that I am not a morning person here?) and then sit at my desk for an hour before others finally drag themselves to the office. Not to mention that I basically sat at home in all of my spare time, because I didn't want to impose myself on others to drive me somewhere just so I could do stuff. My poor Jeep (which I love love love) had to sit in the garage, and I'm sure the poor thing began to think that I didn't love it anymore. Well baby, mommas back, we are gonna run the roads together just like old times. Who cares that I will have to pay a hugo-mungo gas bill at the end of the month.

Oh and I guess now will be the time to tell friends and family that, ummm sorry, Christmas is going to be stingy this year, as I will have a lack of money due to me and my baby running the roads. My lovely sister Kelsey is going to get a homemade blanket, Mom and Dad will get one too, as long as I can find enough fabric laying around my house! Oh, Oscar has so many clothes in the closet that he wont even notice if a few shirts go missing, hehe. I think everyone in the family will get blankets or the like, man I am a genius.

I think I would like to take this time to ask Santa for gas money.

My late night musings

Last night I am laying in bed, trying desperately to go to sleep, but like most women this is the time of day when everything flies through our heads.

Well, the wonderful topic that came to my mind last night was our beautiful fall that is all of a sudden upon us. This led my mind to wander to the fact that I have already pulled out my sweaters and down vests....and yes I hate to admit it, my scarves as well. The days really are not that bad, its the mornings and evenings that get me. It hits 10 degrees Celsius in the mornings and late evenings, and just this morning our thermometer told me it was 5 degrees outside...brrrrr.

The funniest part about all of this is that fact that in the late winter, or what we try to call spring as soon as possible, (seriously people, there are still snow drifts and icy roads, but we are bound and determined it is spring). Once that good ol thermometer reaches these temperatures that we are freezing in at this time of year are like miracle temperatures in the so called spring. We run amok without coats and mitts, we pull out the flip flops, we go outside in just our jeans and t-shirts and have snowball fights. It is all crazy and fun, its just so funny that on the flip side we are already beginning to hunker down for the cold.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hello Bright New Blog World!

Alrighty, WOOHOO, I have joined the blog world, where the heck is the ticker tape parade and the champagne with strawberries, I at least demand the champagne!!

Let me introduce my wacky, Canadian loving self. My name is Karin, pronounced Ka-rin, get it right or I will smack you across the face with a frozen package of bacon my friend. My parents were whacked out and took my name off of a show way back when called "Soap", yes it starred Billy Crystal for Gosh darn it sake! My name, is really actually a fairly common name out there in the world I have found out. It is however a name no one seems to have ever heard of. All people of the world attempt to spell it with a C, that is as far as I let them go before I give them a glare and correct them (I know, I'm a little quick tempered). Alright a quick lesson, do not glance at the name and automatically assume it is a dumb spelling for the name Karen, it is not, and I now hate that name from a life of correcting people!

Um, OK, so I have a huge issue about my name, or maybe not so much my actual name as all the people in the world. Maybe I should seek counselling, but I think going on this way is much more entertaining, at least for myself it is.

I am currently 24, maybe tomorrow I will be 22 or 27 it all depends on my mood. I stand at a whopping 5' 3" tall, I know I really should have gone into modeling, but they didn't want me to make Giselle or Tyra feel less than perfect.

I am married to a lovely man, who is named....wait for it....Oscar, I know everyone is right away thinking "Oscar Mayer Wiener!!" or all of their friends with small dogs that have the name Oscar! It is not his fault, it is a family name, and he is very proud of it. The only issue is, he thinks that when we have a child he wants to name it Oscar. Geez I better pray that when the time comes it is a boy! There is a lot that has to be negotiated on this topic, I will let you all know how it goes as time goes by.

Is that enough information for you today? Save some for tomorrow? I totally agree.

Oh I suppose to end the day off I should let everyone know what my life motto is, I really think this sums it up nicely, it is great for those days when you just dont care! It is a lovely e-mail I recieved from a friend.

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, champagne in one hand and strawberries in the other, body thouroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming WOO HOO - What a ride!"