Monday, October 15, 2007

Shake that body

Has anyone ever played a Wii? Holy crap is it hilarious, I mean to play at first you feel like an idiot; but after that you get really competitive. Now to sit back and watch others play is really actually hilarious beyond control!

We were at my parent’s house, and they just happen to have a Wii. Oscar and Dad decided to do a little boxing; those two were out of breath and sweating after a few rounds. Oh and be careful, you don’t want to sit anywhere in the vicinity of where they are jumping around; you just might get a knuckle sandwich yourself. You want to steer very clear of the erratic body movements. I actually think on the disk that comes with the machine, the best game to watch others play is the boxing.

Of course I have not been crazy enough to try and play this game, I have done the golfing and the bowling; those ones are fun, at least you don’t look totally stupid out there. What does get me is the graphics on these games. When you play baseball, the other players on the field have no legs, not to mention that your own players have no arms just some little circles.

When we left my Mom and Dads house the other night Oscar did manage to drive us all the way home, but by time we got home he dropped into bed and slept like a baby. I told everyone that the next time we go play Wii I will be bringing our video camera over to tape everyone playing. I mean who doesn’t want to see themselves looking like an idiot on tv? I’m pretty sure I would love to laugh at myself!

Oscar is itching to go boxing again, oh its gonna be funny, I will take pictures of it, and post for all to see!

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