Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am wildly mad

I have to ask how it is that you ask someone to be in one of the most important days of you life....and then take it back, for no better reason than one bitch who complained and complained about being in the wedding (but wanted to be pregnant, and the whole world has to bow to her becuase she "might" be on bed rest). So you let the "woman" be in the wedding anyway, and ask another guy to be part of the day. The dumb bitch gets pregnant and says she cant be on her feet at the time of the wedding, so you call the guy and oops, dont want you now!

I dont think that is right. NO WAY

You swallow the pill from the chick, and either find someone else or you have one extra person on one side. I was in a wedding last year, there were three girls and two guys, it was still nice. So what he wants more guys, or she wants more girls.


That is what my cousin did....Right at this moment in time....I am not going to the damn wedding. Its a damn good thing my husband didnt book the days off of work yet.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The red ambulance

Why is it that when we dream they feel so real, even though they might be as whacked out as Fantasia? Why else is it that as soon as you wake up in the morning you remember every little detail of some of your dreams, but within an hour you can’t for the life of you remember any of it?
Sometimes you will see something during your day that might trigger a small memory from the dream, like this morning for example. I knew I had a dream with one of my co-workers in it, but do you think I could remember the darn thing? All of a sudden he walked into the office and the dream hit me like a cement truck. I had to tell him my dream right away; I mean I was only looking out for his best interests.

Isn’t it completely odd how something you saw or something you did that has no importance to your day, somehow winds up in your dreams? Like this dream with my co-worker for example. Last night I was watching the fluff they like to call E news or whatever, they were talking about Britney being hauled away in this red ambulance to a psych ward (which I might add it is about flippin time! That girl should have been locked away in a padded room ages ago.) Back to the real story here, my dream last night involved the red ambulance and a co-worker. Me and someone, (I obviously don’t remember this particular detail), we are driving down this side street near these crappy cheap apartments and someone is being loaded into the red ambulance and I guess there must have been more to my dream, I must have went on with my day or whatever I may have been doing…who knows right it’s a dream; so a while later, on the news perhaps? I hear that my co-worker burned his face really bad, and I know that he did something to himself but do you think I can pull that one out, I see it, fuzzy in there somewhere but for the life of me I cannot remember that small detail. I think that was all of that dream, and really it is so stupid, I mean how can I put this red ambulance into my dream and have a co-worker burn his face off?

Any weird dreams lately???