Saturday, October 20, 2007

My killer project

I love to paint, by this I mean, the walls in my house or other peoples houses; I think this comes from my love for interior design. People in the area hear that I went to school for interior design and they make the phone call to ask for my help. Yesterday I got to go help a local woman choose colors for her place, the major problem she was having is that she has the nice 80’s burgundy/orange/brown carpet. That was fun, she wants to get rid of the carpet but she can’t quite yet. Instead of getting paid, I get a free massage; no she isn’t just a strange woman wanting to do a massage in place of money. She is a masseuse, and a good one, so I am pumped free massage! Yah!

The next paint adventure that is ongoing for me is the whole “paint those ugly peach vertical blinds”. That is the project that I decided to start a few weeks ago; well this is the piddlyest paint job that has ever existed. I have something like 43 pieces to paint and I have to do two coats per side. I am doing this project out in our garage, so I have a paint sheet down and lay out about eight of these panel things down at a time and paint away. Not to mention that I work outside of the house for a living, so at the end of the day I get to park my jeep outside the garage, go in change and go paint for an hour or so; ya it is exactly what I want to do every day after work. Not.

Now I am not a messy painter, I hardly ever make a mess I don’t have rags laying around me; my clothes don’t really get dirty. I get a drip or a spot I shouldn’t have, I simply wipe with my finger and wipe it on my pants; that is the extent of my mess. Well this dorky project I have started (and I believe I have gone crazy because of it), well it is a somewhat messy job. Last night for example was a really good one, I somehow managed to get paint all over the bottoms of my feet; no please don’t ask me how, I haven’t even figured it out yet. Then there is the business of my hands, I had white hands, just think albino. It was rather funny, but I don’t like being covered in paint, I suppose if I had continued working any longer I would have had paint in my hair and on my face, thank God I am using water base paint.

I am looking for someone, anyone….anything that wants to come out and paint about 25 more panels for me. I don’t think Oscar would think its cool or funny of I leave just a few white panels hanging from the rod and chucked the rest out the door; which I am getting very close to doing. I paint for about an hour an evening, and then clean the mess; I am sitting very close to the edge, very very close.

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Anonymous said...

damn blinds

I thought it would be easier to paint them with a spray can??