Friday, November 2, 2007

How to tell it is Friday

I work at the same company as my dad, so we both ended up on the coveted Christmas Party committee. I am of course lying to you it is not a coveted committee, in fact it is the insufferable committee.

I e-mailed the group to see how their “assigned jobs” jobs have been going. You know men, I am the only woman on the committee, therefore I must hand out assignments and checks up to assure things are getting done.

I wanted to share with you the wackiness of my Dad, especially on a Friday. Read below our very interesting correspondence.

Hi guys, I am just wondering how everything is coming along with the jobs that everyone has, this is just a reminder so that you look at your items! Please let me know how things are going.

Dad writes back:

I have no idea what I am going to do.

So I let him know,

Old age?? Your games for curling…you and I are to come up with door prizes.

He decided to let his true self shine through this morning:

Windsor Plywood has a good selection of doors, but I think Totem is cheaper by a longshot. Are we giving away solid doors or foam core doors.

What? I thought to myself as I read it:

You are such a dork…however I am laughing at my desk and people are looking at me like I have just lost it.

That didn’t phase him one bit he pushed ahead:

Why is everyone laughing. I don’t get it. Anyhow, are we going to throw in the Satin Brass or Shiny Brass locksets with the doors. This will make the door prizes much more attractive than just a plain door with a lockset hole drilled in it. Hmm, could also throw in brass plated hinges.

What do I say to that? I decided to play along.

No no-one likes brass these days…everyone likes the silver. Oh and it has to be a fancy handle.

Now he begins to get really whacko:

I just got to thinking. Brass thingy doo's may be beyond the scope of our budget. Could I suggest maybe them little door knocker whatchacallum's. You can get them cheaply at Doors N Things down in Ascratch ,Saskabush.

It was too funny I couldn’t respond, I left it at that. I also know that my Dad was sitting at his desk giggling to himself.

Happy Friday!

I cant get my picture to load, but I promise there will be a good one when I get it to work.

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Future Mommy said...

Your dad just sounds like a gem...I giggled all the way through your emails back and forth. I especially like Ascratch...hehehe!