Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kelsey, how does it feel to be legal?

Growing up with a little sister, well I wasn’t all that happy when she came along really. Seriously, it was just me for six years, can you blame me? I do know that when she came along I had a wonderful name picked out for her, but Dad kept getting mad at me when I adamantly called her Sara, over and over.

Kelsey, dear little Kelsey, poor girl is only 5’ tall, now I’m not much taller than her, but it does count, I have 3 inches on her. She is ticked because had she been shorter 4’10” to be exact, she would have been able to get disability money…or so she tells me.

Come along with me as I reminisce about some funny stories of growing up with this little fire cracker.

We will start with the story about the Vaseline; it is one of my personal favorites. In this story Kelsey was about 4, I will guess, which put me at about 10 I think. One fine evening I was letting my sister actually follow me around, and I think to subtly make her leave me alone I had a great idea to cover her entire body with Vaseline. I told her that models do this all the time and that it would make her skin soft. So obviously folks in the long run I wasn’t lying to her, in fact I was looking out for her. Well I told her she had to stay like that until bedtime which was at least 2 hours away. Bedtime comes, Mom is getting Kelsey’s pajamas out, and Kelsey sweetly inquires whether or not she can take the Vaseline off. I know I didn’t get in trouble for this one. In fact I think Mom thought it was rather funny, because we still laugh about it today.

The next stop on memory lane involves my box of play clothes. I had a wrap skirt thing for dance classes (it was from a friend, in fact my old babysitter) this wrap skirt was purple leopard print, very nice. Well I wrapped it around Kelsey’s little body (keep in mind she was probably about 3) to make her a lovely dress, I was very crafty and fashion minded even back then. To top the look off Kelsey put on a pair of Mom’s high heels and I know that Kelsey decided that the outfit was not complete without her set of binoculars. I know this for a fact because, bless my Mothers heart, she took a picture of Kelsey, all decked out and me (the designer). We have lovingly named this picture "Jane" as in "me Tarzan you Jane." Kelsey actually has not lived this photo down and I don’t think she will for pretty much the rest of her life. I even made sure that it was used at her graduation ceremonies in the class slide show. She may not have loved it, but really what are big sisters for?

Kelsey was also a sleep walker, not to often, but when she did it, she made it pretty funny. Like late one Friday night she made her way out of bed and into the dining room, where Mom found her, she asked Kelsey what she was doing. Kelsey replied that she wanted to do her math homework, what makes this story even better is that she didn’t have homework that weekend, and she hates math.

Like most small children trying to find their way through our English language, Kelsey was no exception. One lovely summer evening Mom, Dad, Kelsey and I were outside playing badminton in our front yard. Kelsey was really just swinging her racket around while the rest of us played. Kelsey very seriously turned to Dad and said “Daddy, I killed a scumeeto”, well it doesn't take an English major to figure out what word she was trying to use. Yes she was telling Dad that she killed a mosquito. Well needless to say we were all rolling around on the ground laughing until it hurt. Meanwhile Kelsey is standing there, with the most serious look on her face wondering what was so funny about the fact that she killed a scumeeto.

I think now is the time to list a few funny one liners and mispronunciations Kelsey had when she was little.

- We were on a trip somewhere; Kelsey was having a nice nap in her car seat. When she shot up and announced “I leaked!” In case you all need this spelled out for you…yes she had a bit of an “accident”
- Kelsey had a motorbike toy that Dad bought her, no one knew how special that toy was to her until the time that Dad accidentally knocked it down the stairs and she started crying “Daddy broke my motormike”.
- We were at the local Remembrance Day service, where Kelsey was sitting on Grandpas knee. He looked down at Kelsey and asked “Where is your Poppy?” to which Kelsey very seriously replied “At home tied up.”
- Kelsey saw a toy she figured she just had to have on a commercial, she ran out to the kitchen to tell Mom that she wanted whatever it was from that commershimal.

Well I’m absolutely giddy with happiness that I got to share some of my favorite stories about my sweet little sister Kelsey. Now to see how she feels about it! Love you Kelsey HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!

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