Thursday, September 20, 2007

"I, I'm driving black on black, Just got my Licence back..."

And if you don't know that song, shame on you, its a gooder!

I know I know, 2 posts today, but I just have to scream from the roof tops... I got my licence back, whoop whoop!!

Now I know what some of you might be thinking, "oh my Gosh, she must have ran someone over!" or "Was she driving while under the influence of chocolate?" To this I must answer that NO neither of the above or anything else that you may be thinking....OK, well I do have to admit that I do drive under the influence of the most wonderful invention of the world chocolate, in fact most of the time that I do eat it, I am driving. Also I am pretty sure there have been people that I would like to run over, but I have never given in to the urge.

I was not allowed to drive for six months from my seizure, yep seizure. I am a freak though, because most people don't get these chicken dances when they are in their 20's right out of the blue. And to add to the mystery, mine occur in the middle of the night. God bless my husband, the guy is the heaviest sleeper this world has ever seen, and he is pretty sure that "someone" woke him up the nights when I had these as he likes to call them "Hasek dances". So I get to be on fun drugs, probably forever, which sucks but I guess it means no more funky chicken for me, which is good. I am in the clear to do whatever I want woohoo. Look out Nitro cars, here I come!

No one fully understands what kind of freedom their licence actually stands for until they have it taken away in an instant, especially for nothing that you really did. It has been a dreadful 6 months, I mean I have had to get up a full hour earlier than normal, to be driven to work by my chatty husband (can you tell that I am not a morning person here?) and then sit at my desk for an hour before others finally drag themselves to the office. Not to mention that I basically sat at home in all of my spare time, because I didn't want to impose myself on others to drive me somewhere just so I could do stuff. My poor Jeep (which I love love love) had to sit in the garage, and I'm sure the poor thing began to think that I didn't love it anymore. Well baby, mommas back, we are gonna run the roads together just like old times. Who cares that I will have to pay a hugo-mungo gas bill at the end of the month.

Oh and I guess now will be the time to tell friends and family that, ummm sorry, Christmas is going to be stingy this year, as I will have a lack of money due to me and my baby running the roads. My lovely sister Kelsey is going to get a homemade blanket, Mom and Dad will get one too, as long as I can find enough fabric laying around my house! Oh, Oscar has so many clothes in the closet that he wont even notice if a few shirts go missing, hehe. I think everyone in the family will get blankets or the like, man I am a genius.

I think I would like to take this time to ask Santa for gas money.

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Gail said...

Hello Stacy said you were excited about driving again now I know why she must have seen this page.