Thursday, September 20, 2007

My late night musings

Last night I am laying in bed, trying desperately to go to sleep, but like most women this is the time of day when everything flies through our heads.

Well, the wonderful topic that came to my mind last night was our beautiful fall that is all of a sudden upon us. This led my mind to wander to the fact that I have already pulled out my sweaters and down vests....and yes I hate to admit it, my scarves as well. The days really are not that bad, its the mornings and evenings that get me. It hits 10 degrees Celsius in the mornings and late evenings, and just this morning our thermometer told me it was 5 degrees outside...brrrrr.

The funniest part about all of this is that fact that in the late winter, or what we try to call spring as soon as possible, (seriously people, there are still snow drifts and icy roads, but we are bound and determined it is spring). Once that good ol thermometer reaches these temperatures that we are freezing in at this time of year are like miracle temperatures in the so called spring. We run amok without coats and mitts, we pull out the flip flops, we go outside in just our jeans and t-shirts and have snowball fights. It is all crazy and fun, its just so funny that on the flip side we are already beginning to hunker down for the cold.

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