Monday, September 24, 2007

Do you remember your 18th Birthday?

A few of you will be thinking, why is the 18th birthday so important? Well, where I grew up (and still live) 18 is the legal age to drink, since you are legally an adult and can vote and all of that other fun stuff, you can also drink (not that most of the kids turning 18 haven't had experience with alcohol already, but that is a totally different topic!). It really is funny because we live very close to the Saskatchewan border, where the legal drinking age is 19, so all the 18 year old kids drive into Alberta to go to our bars.
The reason I am asking if you remember your 18th birthday, (or for those of you who couldn't drink until 19 or 21 or whatever the ages are), is because my little sister Kelsey turns 18 tomorrow. Not that she is a drinker, and neither am I. Oh don't get me wrong, I usually have one good one once a year, then I remember why I don't drink.
It is the tradition to take the birthday girl/boy out to the local bars and get them plastered. Well her birthday is a Tuesday...what the heck hey? I know mine was a Thursday, so I only had Friday to get through, and thank the heavens that we were just decorating for our graduation that Friday!

I wonder...shall we do this to her tomorrow, or on the weekend, I suppose it really all depends on when she works. I know it wont be a late night, a few shots, a pitcher of whatever and she will be ready to go home to bed. Why be so cruel you ask? Because as I said before it is the tradition, when a friend or relative below her turns 18 she will be all over this the same way her friends and family are right now.

I actually very vividly remember my younger cousin Kaylan's 18th birthday, that one my friends was one for the history books. In fact I think he will never, ever live it down. He was very very drunk (to put it lightly), well he was at the far end of the bar, no where close to the bathroom, can you tell where this story is going? I could see it on his face as we were all gathered around the table, well he didn't even attempt to get up, he just leaned over his chair, then to add to the fun a guy from town thought he would be funny and handed Kaylan his hat. Kaylan proceeded to use the hat as a pail, then handed it back, ok so it doesn't sound all that funny, but oh my lord, it was hilarious for all of us there. My aunt and uncle were there for the festivities, and to drive the poor boy home when he was ready to go. Kaylan was sitting beside his Mom, God bless her soul, she got to hear all about her sons recent ummm activities. These activities happened to be with a friend of mine, who was also sitting at the table....and you know how drunks are, well they don't lie and they sure as heck don't hold back. Need I say more? Just in case Kaylan is reading this post I will end this little story now.

I will though tell the story of my friend's 18th birthday, this dear friend is mentioned above, (Kaylan's conquest). Her name is Courtney, now Court was nowhere near what Kaylan was, she did however get good and drunk. Her parents were also with us for the evening. Courtney will forever be in dept to her Dad, whenever a shot came to the table, Court's dear Dad would say "Do you want to feel good tomorrow?" to which already drunk Courtney would reply "yep" her dad would then say "well I'll drink it then". So Courtney's Mom got to drive 2 messes home that night.

Those are only a few of the hilarious 18th birthdays I have had the privilege of attending. So I really can't wait to take my dear little sister out to properly celebrate her 18th birthday....well I don't know how much she will enjoy it, but I know that the rest of us will. Tomorrow I will tell a few stories about growing up with my little sister. It will be my birthday present for her, I am sure she will love it!

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