Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All Thursday night TV freaks please raise your hand!

I am not a television freak most of the time, but don’t mess with me and the remote on Thursday nights. That my friends, is my night to stare lovingly at the TV, and to block out my husband and the dogs and the phone, oh and the dirty dishes, otherwise known as "the real world". Yes people I am a Grey’s Anatomy freak, I am somewhat embarrassed and some what proud to admit it. I will however go up on the roof of my house and yell it to the world if someone wants me to, no one will hear me, but I will do it if I have to.

Yes I do have Grey’s Anatomy written in my day planner, highlighted in hot pink; and I have been thinking about this day for about two weeks, I am thinking about buying a bottle of wine, and some high end cheese to enjoy while I float away on the season premier cloud. I may even turn the lights down low and light a few candles…you know like the tub scene with Derek and Meredith?

There is a girl that I work with who is equally as crazy about Grey’s Anatomy as I am, believe it or not people, we talked on the phone at work about Grey’s Anatomy for a good fifteen minutes yesterday, shh don’t tell the boss. Who would have thought that someone could dedicate an entire post to this show? Well Ladies and Gents, I can! I have already gone to the site, which is bookmarked as one of my favorite sites, and I read all about what is to happen tonight, this very night. I even watched the sneak peak.

Some of you may not believe me when I tell you that I didn’t even watch any of the first season. I was completely oblivious to this wonderful show, completely and utterly unaware, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that. I did get hooked at the beginning of season two however after a family member began giving me the gory details over the summer. I of course had to borrow her season one DVD and catch up so I was totally on the same page, and knew what the heck the story lines were on the show.

My obsession is so bad people that when Oscar and I were away for two weeks to Mexico last February, I made sure our pvr receiver was set up to tape the two episodes I was missing, I even fretted about it while sitting on my balcony on these two Thursday evenings. When we made it home from our trip, the first thing on my mind was picking our dogs up from the babysitter (my Mom and Dad) and the second thing on my mind was catching up with all my favorite people. No not real friends and family, I mean the Grey’s cast you fools.

So those of you that watch, tonight is gonna be good! George has to repeat his intern year, Callie might be pregnant. Cristina starts looking for Burke, but he is of course gone. Izzie, Cristina, Meredith and Alex get their very own interns, and Meredith’s surprise sister is an intern. Not to mention what is going to happen between Derek and Meredith. Oh I can’t wait!

Isn’t it really amazing how people love to absorb themselves into some make believe perfect or imperfect world with flawless looking people? I guess it makes us forget about all the normal, boring, and otherwise mundane stuff that we deal with everyday, however I do believe that all the junk and funk I deal with on a daily basis is totally worth making into a show. I really do believe that if a network approached a “normal” person like you or I (me in particular) and just followed us around all day, I am very certain that they would find out that they have a huge smash hit on their hands. Who doesn’t like to laugh at everyday people, I sure as heck know I do! It would be real life soap opera stuff, man you cant get any better than that.

Oh, and who watched Addison’s new show last night?

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