Friday, September 21, 2007


Are you thinking I am whacked out, what the .... is she doing writing about that already! Well my entry yesterday sort of did part of the trick, not to mention my Christmas party committee meeting, along with many other thing.

Oscar and I were in Edmonton for our anniversary on Labour Day weekend, we were spending a day wondering through West Edmonton Mall, (seriously you do wander through that place, if you have never been there...good luck). We were taking a badly needed break from all of the walking and I happened to look up to the second floor, Europa Boulevard to be exact, and to my horror I saw huge Christmas trees, and lights, and poinsettias! I was speechless, I just poked Oscar in the ribs and pointed upward. He also was disgusted, but once I could finally speak again, we discussed it and came to the conclusion that to decorate 493 000 square metres of space that they would really have to start decorating this early. However I am still not happy about it.

To get off topic here...I just Googled West Ed (us Albertans call it that) to find out the actual size of the place, and found some interesting information: "The West Edmonton Mall (WEM), promoted as the "Eighth Wonder of the World," is Alberta's primary tourist attraction. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest shopping centre and the world's largest parking lot, the WEM covers 49 hectares and encloses 493 000 square metres of space - the equivalent of 104 football fields." Actually if anyone wants to read up on this behemoth wonderland you can go to: and to
To get back onto my actual topic work I was placed (by myself even) onto the Christmas party committee, yes I ask myself every day what the H E double hockey sticks I was thinking. This is I believe the hardest, biggest committee to tie yourself to, no wonder once someone is off it they stay as far away from it as possible. Believe me, I will be one of them! Believe it or not, this is my second year fumbling through the Christmas party planning. The term is two years, I wasn't crazy enough to throw myself on it twice, heavens no!

To plan nice big Christmas parties for the work place, you have to start planning in the spring. I somehow ended up with the whole big fat Christmas party file. I do believe it is because I am the only woman on the committee, no joke here people. That's what happens when there are 100 men (give or take) and about 8 women in my place of employment. We get stuck with all the fun stuff. We also decided to give ourselves a headache and mix it up this year. We used to get a comedian or the like in every year, and it started to get old and expensive. So we are going to have a Curling & Casino night. Sound fun? You would be surprised how many people think so. We are so behind on actually planning this year, because I was sick for over a month (also away from work for this time) and no one on the committee took up the initiative to maybe get on it. Yay for me, I get to organize all these guys, assign jobs, and take a pile of jobs on myself, because honestly, are men really going to do some of these jobs correctly? I didn't think so.

Well we are coming up on the last week of September, so I am pretty sure by the stroke of midnight on the 30th the Christmas Commercials will commence. Good luck everyone, I know I have already started compiling my Christmas shopping list!

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