Friday, November 30, 2007

Is it January yet?

Warning: The following post is a downer...

I want to rebel against the colossal monster named Christmas. I am not in the mood for Christmas this year, my crap happy 2007 has turned me off everything fake and jolly. In my opinion Christmas should be about chillaxin at home with your hubby and kids (if you have em) and not rushing around to make others happy, from whoville to youville and back again. Open gifts here, open them there, wrap em back up and do it again!

Then its time to heave your haul out the door and head off to get ready at your own little dwelling. Back around the circle, only this time to chow, and slap on the smiles and dig up the joy. This year I dont have it in me, I want to stay in bed, I dont want money spent on gifts and galore. I dont mind spending my loot on others, I like to see genuine smiles when they get what they want. It's all too much. The fuss, the food, the presents, the ornaments, the special table cloths, the chocolates, the stuffing, the drinking, the talking, the singing, the family spats, the dilemma about what to do with unsightly gifts. My husband doesnt get it, I just dont want the tree, the decorations are still doing their thing in the box in the dark under the stairs. Cant I just have this one Christmas off, so I dont have to fake it, and I can be happy?

Him and the others can do what they please, and know that I'm happy all snuggly and warm rolled up in my bed hanging out with the nearest bear. Just make sure I get a small plate of turkey and mashed potatoes, I can forget all the rest.
I guess this year you can call me the Grinch.

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