Thursday, November 22, 2007

My tramatic childhood...or not

So one of the other blogs that I read (Amy Lawson) was reminiscing about wacked out strange, and possibly scarring childhood memories, which got me to thinking back to my little girl years; and yes I do have a few memories that I feel like sharing today.

So I will start out with the time that my Dad decided to watch the movie The Fly, and had me sit on the couch with him and watch it too, only when there were scary parts Dad would tell me to cover my face with a pillow. I do honestly remember this very vividly and I bring it up every chance I can, to remind my dear Dad how wonderful his parenting skills were.

Oh and what about the time we were at the zoo, I think it was out in Hamilton, the location part is a bit fuzzy but that it not the point of the story. The real point of this story is the fact that good old Dad took me in to see the goats. It seems harmless, I mean its just little goats, but a damned goat stole my shoe while dad was holding me on his knee. I was none to pleased about it, in fact even today I have a fear of someone or something running off with my shoes.
Please feel free to share some moments that will forever stick with you from your childhood; like my Mom, who was tramatized because she tried to fit into her doll house and got stuck.....

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