Saturday, November 24, 2007

The tornado

Every weekend I put my heart and soul into cleaning my house, and by the next weekend it looks like a category 5 has ripped though it. I love a clean house, but my dear husband and I are not that good at keeping it that way throughout the week. I come home every day after work drop my stuff and make supper, I then eat supper and do a little work out or just watch a little television; take a bath and go to bed. I have no want to clean the house after work. By the weekend though the place is discusting and I get mad at us. PIGS!

A little 411 on the habits we have that I hate:

I am bad for not using the clothes hamper, I pile the dirty and not dirty on the floor of our bathroom in two neat little (ok big) piles. I also like to pile stuff on the floor of our laundry room (which everyone can see as soon as they walk in the door).

Oscar loves to undress when he comes in the door and leave his work close anywhere on the kitchen floor. He is a paper horder, you usually cant see one portion of our kitchen counter for all of the mail and paper he likes to pile there; as well as the computer desk and any other clear space he can find, like right now the floor next to the computer desk looks like it is becoming a clear favorite. I am not sure if he know what the dishwasher is for (no I know he does, he just never cares to check and see if its clean or dirty) therefore his dirty dishes pile up on the counter and sink, oh and right now the living room surfaces as well.

I know, I know I have a bigger list on Oscar, and I really could keep going, but I wont, because I'm pretty sure he has a list of things on me, yes perfect little old me but I dont know it and I dont care!

So all of the things listed above is all the crapola that I get to work on today, and tomorrow, and the next day. Wish me luck, I may never come back!

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