Monday, November 26, 2007

The greatest first dance

I got this great e-mail yesterday from a co-worker that is planning her wedding for this spring. She wants to try this at her wedding, and I honestly can’t believe I didn’t think of it for my own wedding.

What I am talking about ladies and gentlemen is the first dance. Yes we did the first dance, or what we like to call it; the first walk around the floor to a song with dumb smiles plastered on our faces. My lovely co-worker is also doing a first dance as well; I really don’t know anyone that doesn’t do a first dance.

This e-mail was a video from some wedding, somewhere; and I have to tell you the bride and groom obviously have one hell of a sense of humour! They start the dance out all nice and normal, mooshy even, when all of a sudden the music stops with the scratchy sound of a record; and as the bride and groom are making faces like "What the hell??" the music starts again, only this time it is Sir-Mix-A lots – Big Butts. What ensues is people laughing hysterically and the couple doing an "interpretive dance" along to the song. I love it! I laughed and laughed.
I did however have to break it to my lovely co-worker that there was no way on the face of this planet that she would be able to do that dance in the wedding dress that she has purchased. (Picture Cinderella times 2…) I’m not making it up, she has told me all about it, and I am very certain that it will be a beautiful dress; there is just no way that she would be able to pull that one off, well other than falling on her face, which is the way she pictured it going down if she even attempted it.

Ahhh, time to forward that awesome e-mail onto another friend that is getting married in the spring….lets see if she will do it!

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