Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things have been rough

I have been MIA for a while, to make a long story short; (a lot of) work sucks, and stressing me out. There for I have been way down in the land where we hold pity parties. Lots of things swirling around my head, and my dear husband decided to whisk me away to Montana for the weekend.
It is so funny, because in one way we (Canadians) are a lot like our neighbors, but in so many ways we are not.

Their money looks like play money (which I already knew but I wanted to mention that point).

Another thing I knew before, and really makes no sense to me is that they do not have Iced Tea….you know plain old iced tea, like the yummy Nestea or any other brand for that matter. When we went out for supper they did have Nestea raspberry iced tea. It is weird to me, makes no sense.

Their McNugget sweet and sour dipping sauce is different, in a subtle way, that only a McNugget connoisseur like myself would notice. Not that it was gross it was just different.

Another thing that I already know but is hilarious to me is the fact that to us it is pop, to them it is soda, and you can confuse some of them very easily if you ask for a pop.

They worship their Starbucks like we worship our Tim Hortons, and the entire time I was there I wanted a sweet sweet iced cap. I had to do with a peppermint white chocolate mocha. See here at home we can go with a double double, or a black, or a simple mocha or anything that sounds simple. Oh and we order in small, medium, large and extra large. They have to do it all out and have the grande and I don’t know the others cause that is the only size I order when I go to starbucks.

Those are just a few things I noticed on the weekend to Montana.

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