Friday, November 16, 2007

List master

I have an obsession with making check lists; lists of all kinds and I cant just compile a list in my head like others do, I write every single list down on scraps of paper. I will make a list just so I know what I will do on a Saturday.

clean bathroom
make cookies and eat them all
Vacuum up the crumbs
Have a nap
take a bath

Or lists in my day timer at work

1. print work orders
2. hide under my desk
3. lock myself in the bathroom for an hour
4. glare at at least 3 people today

I think these kind of lists are normal sort of lists, but I make other kinds of lists too. Like what kinds of chocolate I plan on eating this week.

Monday – Snickers
Tuesday – Kit Kat
Wednesday – Skor
Thursday – Milky Way
Friday – crushed up chocolate in heaping bowl of ice cream

I make lists about the gifts I will give for Christmas; here is my rough draft for this year:

Mom – pack of socks
Dad – pad of post its
Kelsey – 3 loaves of bread
Oscar – big fat 0
Oscars Mom – frying pan (and seriously she asks for one every year)
Oscars Dad – bottle of ketchup

The list goes on but I am just brainstorming at this point.

I even make a list when I go to town of what places I want to go; of course everyone makes a grocery list. I have that one tucked safely in my pocket, but I also have a list that says things like:
Mall :
New shirt
Orange Julius
Congratulations card for Aunt Lorna’s wart removal

Tim Hortons:
Ice Capp
BLT on brown

Drug store:
Hair removal cream
Milk of magnesia
Eye liner
rubber gloves

You see where I am going with this? I have a horrible memory, I have to write it all down or I miss half of my stuff. I ask Oscar to remember to pick me up things and it’s a little sketchy, sometime I get everything, sometimes I get nothing and he hauls bags and bags of goodies for himself into the house. Or there is my Dad, who would be given a list of three, three simple items to remember; well he was usually good at bringing home three things, but most of the time only one of the items would be correct. At least he knew he needed three things.

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