Monday, November 19, 2007

Food Colouring

So there is this friend of ours, he is 40 and single and likes to have a good time at any given chance. Now another friend of ours moved in with him, and they are just room-mates. I will now give these people fake names to protect their identity; we will call him George and her Mary.

Now George like I said loves to have a good time, even if it is something as small as pulling small pranks (and this is why I get along with him so well). Now he is hatching what he thinks is a wonderful plan on how to scare the living crayola out of Mary. George goes into the local grocery store and comes out with 3 bottles of red food colouring, he jumps into his work truck and the guy riding with him says “what do you need that much food colouring for?” To which George replies “I’m going to put it all over my face, then hide behind Mary’s door and jump out and scare her.”

I will give you a moment to gather your thoughts…..

Now the guy riding with George is a married guy with kids, so he knows a thing or two about food colouring, and he immediately says to George, “That stuff doesn’t come off, it stains.” And as he is saying it he realizes it would have been much better if he had kept his mouth shut and enjoyed the view of George with a bright red face for weeks to come.

The other guy we will call Ryan, now realizes that he owes it to the world to share the story since he stopped George from actually playing a trick on himself rather than on Mary.
So I heard this story a few hours ago and I am still giggling to myself. I had to share the story with my favourite fellow practical joker (Dad) and he loved it, he said he would have censored himself immediately and told George it was a great idea, all the while knowing that George would need a skin graft to remove the dye.

Anyone hear the children’s story about the never come off until your dead and maybe even later markers?

Ahh this story is going to delight me for days.

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