Monday, December 3, 2007

The yearly Christmas Party

So this past weekend we were in the big city for the "big" company Christmas party. I have to tell you, its quite a "to do". We have to get all dressed up, sit in the fancy shmancy ballroom at a big ritzy hotel, and eat the four course meal that is all delivered right to your spot. Who doesnt enjoy feeling like a royal for an evening; I know I like it.

The part that we have to endure though is our North Americal Vice President do a little speech, then we get to listen to the big kahuna do a little song and dance (not literally, although I think it would be funny). After that, we finally get to eat, Oscar and I ended up sitting at the same table as my boss (cause ya, its not like I dont see him enough as it is). His wife is a very funny and quirky kind of individual, and she was very hungry on Saturday evening. She ate her entire salad while we had to listen to the speechs, she then ate the salad from a vacant spot at the table, as well as a few buns; No big deal, I really dont care, the woman was hungry!

So finally the rest of us dive into our salads, and as I'm sure you all know, eating a fancy four course meal is a long drawn out process. So they finally bring us our soup, which was tasty but I didnt eat all of mine (and I think she - the bosses wife, was thinking I was crazy for not slurping the entire bowl down), then we get into the good stuff; turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, stuffing, etc. I ate a slice of my turkey and all my mashed potatoes, and Oscar ate my second slice of turkey. We are all sitting just letting the meal settle, when she - the bosses wife, grabs her fork and says "oh your not eating your baby potatoes?" I said "....uh, no I'm full" so she proceeded to eat my little potatoes, and then my steamed carrots and I dont remember what else, oh I know she picked at my stuffing as well. I do believe she pretty much cleaned my plate off actually. I said go ahead, but it was kind of weird dont you think? I have met her many times before and think she is a nice person, but umm she was eating off my plate.

I just think it is wildly funny, in fact I think it was the highlight of my entire weekend. That and realizing that our dear friend Stacy that has moved away, but we got to see on the weekend....well I didnt, because we discovered that he is running for mayor. No not for real, but he might as well, it is his new name, "the mayor".

Now I am trying to tie up all the loose ends for the local company party that you have all read about, I cannot wait until this next weekend is over.

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