Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Billion Pounds

Tis the season to gain a billion pounds, and I am so not exaggerating, I promise.

In my place of employment around Christmas time we get amazing meat trays, heavenly assorted baskets, beautiful nut trays and other lovely goodies. The sit on the counter that is, oh we will say four feet away from me. The only exercise I get in a day is getting my butt out of my chair to walk to the counter to eat something, anything that is on the counter. Then we have office potlucks and catered lunches, oh when will it end.

This year is crazy outside of work as well. My grandparents are going to be out of town for Christmas, so we have to have this big turkey supper before they leave. After that we have a birthday party on Tuesday, nothing on Wednesday thank the lord (because I have one of the divine potlucks that day). On Thursday we have a catered lunch at work, and then an engagement supper for my cousin that evening. Friday I have another fantastic potluck at work, and so far nothing in the evening, but it is still early.

So see I am totally not exaggerating that I will most likely gain a billion pounds.

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