Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stairs are not for sliding!

My ass hurts; ok, so not my ass itself, my tailbone is what hurts. You know that when you crack or horribly bruise your tailbone, sitting, standing, lying down; it all insanely hurts!

I got up this morning around 9:00, and started to head down the stairs, I only made it to the first step, and then I rode on my tail bone all the way down the stairs. Where I laid for about 10 minutes screaming and crying, mostly from the shock at first; and then from the pain. You know what really sucked, I was home alone. No one to come running, no one to worry over me; well I had our dogs, they both ran to my side and looked at me with love in their eyes (well that is what I will say anyway).

I finally got myself up, still crying and immediately located a phone and called Oscar; because of course you need someone to feel sorry for you when things like this happen. Heaven knows he calls me when he hurts himself, and then makes me look at it every day for a month.

I then decided to do nothing all day, because to do anything hurt like hell. So I laid in bed for a good portion of the day, that hurt to but it still felt better. There is really nothing on TV on a Saturday; you really have to scour the guide to find anything worth watching. I watched a show about the Sphinx, and then I think I watched some How its Made, and then I watched some What Not to Wear, holy crap there are some nasty clothes in the world, and some moronic people who love to wear them. I love love love Stacy and Clinton, they are funny AND well dressed. Ok so there were some shows I like to watch on the old boob tube.

I wonder how I will feel in the next few days, very sore I am guessing.

I would love to have some extra sympathy if you have any to give…..

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