Monday, December 17, 2007

Just a Deposit?

I have been using up my vacation and flex days, as well as hours that I have build up from when I was being driven to work an hour early for the entire summer. I have not worked a full week in over a month. You can bet your boots that I hate the thought of actually working a full week in the New Year. I am trying in vain to come up with some way of getting out of work for at least one day a week, or more. The only thing I can think of is having a baby, ya well that isn’t happening fast.

I wonder why for the beginning of our adult lives we try our darndest not to get knocked up, and then when we decide we want to it is the hardest thing to do. It should be as easy as saying “Yep, I’m gonna have a baby now”. Everything else seems to be that easy, only you need money for everything else in the world, so why not have a deposit box somewhere where anyone who wants to have a family can just go make a deposit of say $100 (cause we all know how crazy expensive kids are), and then go home and wait one month and be on your way. This way you are also guaranteed that there will be no “recalls” better known as miscarriages, and if you pay the extra insurance you will be covered if your baby is sick in any way. Doesn’t it sound like a good idea? I think so.

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Future Mommy said...

Sounds like a GREAT idea. Second the motion.