Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another great story about my Dad, because there are so many.

I am having a wonderful relaxing evening all to myself last night, when my phone rings. It is Dad, giggling like a little school girl. A salesman called trying to peddle Primus the phone company, Dad likes to play around with the annoying sales men that call all the time, so he regaled me with this story:

The guy (and of course they all have a heavy accent and it’s hard to understand them) tells him he is calling to save Dad money. He then asks if Dad makes local, long distance or overseas phone calls. My father says “umm overseas I guess”, so the guy then asks where he phones to, and Dad says “Antarctica” without missing a beat. The guy then asks him to spell it for him, so he does.

He then says “Just one moment please Mr. Mike” and puts him on hold for a moment. The salesman comes back on and asks him where in Antarctica does he call, so Dad comes up with “Sharps Corner”, the guy again says “just one moment please Mr. Mike” and puts him on hold. He comes back and asks Dad to spell that for him, so Dad spells out Sharps Mountain instead. The man is a bit confused and then for the final time said “just one moment again please Mr. Mike”. By this time my Dad was bouncing around the dining room in from of my Mom who was wrapping Christmas gifts, he was giggling so much he couldn’t do it anymore, and had to hang up the phone.

Immediately after he hung up the phone, before he could even gather his composure he had to call someone to tell the tale to, and lucky me, he dialed my number.

It’s just another day….

I figure he will be pulling practical jokes when he's a 90 yr old man in a retirement home....I can just see it now, I will be getting phone calls from the home saying that others are complaining about his wacky sense of humour, that or from him - giggling his head off that he put a whoopee cushion under some 85 year old ladies chair.

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