Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hello world!!

So I am back into the world, 3 months of bed rest really sucks after a while. I mean thank the powers that be that I got to lay in bed for most of my puking. Things were a bit scary, but my great hubby took awesome care of me and now I’m up and just look like I have gained a small paunch from lying in bed. Beautiful! It is totally amazing all the things that make a pregnant woman puke, morning breath (yours or someone elses), smells of food you normally love, and the best is simply the thought of some things make you puke!

At least I have a reason, and a good one at that. I get a little pumpkin out of the deal, the only thing I beg of is that the pumpkin does not come out with reddish orange hair like its cousin just did this past January. Hopefully it pops out with thick dark hair like its mom, and really I hope it comes out without all of its father’s ills and stuff. My husband is the king of allergies and scoliosis, not to mention a little weeeeeeird in the melon.

So for all of you that read and would like to know, today I am sitting nicely at 17w/3d, reaching for that 20 weeks, cause then its half way AND maybe these stretching pains will subside, one can only hope!

Woweee, I will be filling you all in soon on my daily goings on.

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Future Mommy said...

Yahoo! So glad you're posting again - I was really wondering/worrying over you!

I can't even imagine what 3 months of bed rest would be like - bless your heart! You're about 2 weeks ahead of me - on May 6th (when you posted, which just happens to be my anniversary!) I was 15w3d.

Keep posting! I want to know all about how you and Pumpkin are doing!