Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crazy Canucks and our love of the sport

It’s pretty funny how passionate people get about their hockey, and I must admit I fit into this mold. This mostly means us crazy canucks but I know there are some passionate Americans as well but I am not one of those people I am a proud and ardent Canadian.
We Canadians have our one most cherished favourite team, and we also have our one most despised hockey team. Now when someone else put our beloved team down, we get very defensive, as if that individual just cut down our brother or best friend. I try not to get to upset over the everyday jibber jabber, like all the crap getting thrown at me right now because people are highly jealous that my beloved team is currently wiping the ice with the Pittsburgh Penguins. I let them have their five minutes on game day to tell me how the Penguins are going to show up and kick the Wings, blaa blaa blaa.

So of course the next day….for example today, I came into work with a smile on my face and then proceed to ask the certain individuals….not naming names but today it was Kevin and Chris, I asked them what it was that they were talking out of their “behinds” about yesterday. I enjoy when the smart mouths have to eat it the next day, sweet revenge. When we lose and people like to rub it in, I love to not give them the satisfaction, I simply smile and say "oh well" nothing bothers a guy worse than that, ahhhh.

For dirty hockey talk come play off time anything is legal, Canadians fight over hockey almost the way that the Europeans are over footy; ALMOST.

Oh, and my highly despised hockey team is my loving husbands favourite team, things get interesting in our house. In fact, right now he is cheering for the Penguins, so you can imagine some of the spurs we are giving each other lately. I enjoy watching my Wings play hockey anytime and Oscar enjoys watching any hockey, he is a Canadian guy, he lives it, breaths it, he would eat it if he could. However when his Oilers are playing on TV I would rather go have my fingernails pulled out one by one (ok not quite that bad, but I hate watching them play).

So to wrap today up all I have to say is GO WINGS GO, and if you don’t agree….you can go eat dirt, and the odd worm.

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