Monday, May 26, 2008

my thoughts on movies....

You know when you go to a movie and you expect this great movie and then you leave feeling like you have had the biggest let down of your life? You feel as if you wasted $10.00 on your ticket? Well last night I went to the new Indiana Jones movie (and just for your knowledge, not because I wanted to) and don’t worry I didn’t go in expecting some amazing movie. I went in expecting a dorky movie and that is exactly what I got.

I suggest when anyone goes to a movie you should go in expecting a mediocre movie (even if deep inside you hope the chosen movie will be amazing), just so that if it is a great movie you can leave with a big grin on your face; and if it is a crappy movie you can leave a little less disappointed.

See I am quite excited to go see the Sex and the City movie, but I am not letting myself get swept up in the commercials, because for all I know those are the only good tidbits of the movie at all. I don’t want to leave there thinking that those girls should have left their cosmos and sex stories retired. So I am going in really expecting nothing but a bunch of fluff (which should be just about right because honestly even the biggest die hard Sex fan knows that that is really all that show is in the long run).

So the next time you go to a movie and come out disappointed I don’t want to hear the grumbles about how you expected so much more. The only reason you are disappointed is you own fault, you expected too much from Hollywood……honestly think about it, you expected too much from the home of silicone and whackos.

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