Friday, May 9, 2008

The two dont mix

I have to share with the world how peeved I am, and have always been that my birthday is right around (and sometime even on) Mothers Day. I do not think this is very fair at all, even when I was young I knew it spelt trouble. I always had to share my day MY DAY with my Mom and Grandma and the rest of the moms in the family.

Then when I was old enough to realize that I may one day have children I have always sworn that I would kill the people closest to me if they tried to roll the two days into one. One is my birthday people and the other is Mothers Day, two very different days indeed. Even if it happens to be one of the years when they fall on the same day, I should get two cards and two presents.
At least this year my birthday thankfully is on Saturday and Mothers day is on Sunday.

You bet your gonna hear about it if the families try to mush the two together…oh there will be hell to pay.

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