Thursday, May 22, 2008

smash the alarm!

Who honestly likes to wake up an hour earlier than they are used to?

Not me, I will admit that right now. It’s really hard especially after having three months in bed and waking up whenever I wanted to. Now I have to get up extra early and be ready in time for my dear man to drive me to work; an hour early no less!

Oh this is because when you have a seizure the docs think it is fun to punish you by taking away your license. Now don’t get me wrong if you have seizures in the middle of the day for no reason it is a good idea to remove that individual from the roads, because hello….hazard. I am not a hazard, my medication was not strong enough in my system anymore and I have my seizures IN MY SLEEP! Yes, in my sleep, if I didn’t live with someone I probably wouldn’t be aware that I have had any seizures….I’m sure I would eventually figure it out, bitten tongue no idea where I am or who I am for a few hours; but still.

I am only willing to do this wake up early crap for so long, and I’m already getting really tired of it.

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