Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sooooo I had another one

So the weekend was going great, things were looking normal, I was back to work life was great. Then at quarter to six on Sunday morning I had another seizure, flubhappy-muckaluck wonderful. Another fun ride in the ambulance and a few hours in emergency, and my meds upped and informed that I cant drive again. I don't think anyone can try to commiserate with me over the driving thing, no one knows what it is like to lose your freedom until you have your licence taken away, for no reason. I do not have my seizures while I am awake, they are called "waking seizures" for a reason! I have them when my body is leaving the land of dreams otherwise known as REM sleep.

I got to have some blood work done to check the levels of my medication, and the are making me take more....much fun! Oh and get this the blood work has to go to Toronto because nowhere in western Canada does that particular test! We did get to have an ultrasound done yesterday to see the little gaffer, and we get our regular scheduled one next Wednesday so that is fun, we get to see the swimmer two times in two weeks. It is so cool to see the little thing moving and kicking the heck out of my bladder already....yes already.

I want to go shopping, now I'm getting bigger and the "regular" clothes that I have been stretching out are not doing it anymore, they are stretched and will never go back (haha don't tell Oscar but that means I get to go shopping again after!) He figures that two shirts and 3 pairs of pants will do me just fine for the next 20 weeks...ya sorry NO. We have three maybe four weddings to go to, jeans don't do it, and I need some cute shirts and capri pants, I am going shopping dang heck it whether he likes it or problemo, I cant drive who wants to take me up to the big city to buy some clothes?

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