Thursday, January 3, 2008

My most likely unachievable list!

Ummm, remember before when I said I like lists? Well, I decided to start another one, here's a start to the list (though it will be updated along with what I'm doing to make it all come true):

1) I want a new fridge. I know I sound like a house wife (which there is no problem with! I am not one currently but would love to be.) But I want it, the one we currently have is an old Almond atrocity.

2) I want to go to Italy. I might need to hold a fundraiser, and this may get bumped down a ways, but damn it I want to go.

3) I want to write a children's book. About what you ask? I am not entirely sure yet.

4) I want to take some photography classes, No I will most likely never be a professional, but I dare to dream.

5) I've always wanted to own a pair of Chanel sunglasses. Ya, I know, its so material, but can you blame a girl?

6) I want to redecorate a lot of my house. That means color, and getting my husband to move some big furniture. I have some hugemungo plans for my kitchen......and bathroom, in time in time. I also want to go out with clutter, in with organization and necessities. That one will be hard, I live with a paper pack rat.

7) I want to make something amazing, I mean I'm a crafter, but I never feel I have made something amazing. I want to make money from what I make! Oh now that one is a wild dream.....

8) I want to volunteer, where I don't know yet....its kind of a scary thought but I want to do it.

And that my friends is the beginning of a somewhat scary, probably barely reachable list.

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Future Mommy said...

Let's go for the two-for-one deal on the Chanel sunglasses! I am so not a materialistic person and never both with brand names, but I've always wanted Chanel sunglasses! :-)