Sunday, January 13, 2008

Its a.....

Wow, long time no read! It has been a looooong week, to start it off, on the 9th my lovely sister in law was taken to the city because her baby just couldn’t wait, oh yes; the little critter came out a full month early. So we were away for a few days, then hockey hockey hockey all weekend, which I enjoy, but I just wanted to be home doing a whole lot of nothing! Then the beginning of the week was wreaking havoc on my mental state. Babe had to go back into the hospital, at least the local one this time, but we were down there every night after work until late. Don’t get me started on work, no ok, to late I am on the topic now and I’m not gonna get off it!

I know that there are more than a few of us in the world who have morons for bosses. I think mine is the king of the castle however. I got a nice big lecture about my calling in late Thursday night to leave him a message that we were in the city with sister in law and the baby. Well I apparently should call him at midnight to discuss whether or not I am allowed to be up there still on Friday, it is not my decision…..oh sorry, sure I will ask then, and next time I will make sure it is good and late when he thinks I am going to call him at home, I’m going to make it something like 2:00 am. What the heck, if he were to tell me no, I know where I would be telling him to shove the phone. HELLO family emergency here buddy, it has never been an issue before if I called and left a message on his phone.

Then the next one was e-mail, I along with everyone else in the entire world that works in an office forward funny e-mail. In fact at this very moment I have 4 new ones sitting in my inbox from my co-workers. Apparently I am the only one in the entire universe that does this, and I am wasting company time doing it. So I guess one minute to read a joke and send it on is a huge time waster, I’m going to break the company (which I might add is no where near getting broke). You know what? He doesn’t care if everyone else in the company does it, he is changing me, I am only allowed to use my e-mail for company business. I am now hording all of my e-mails from co-workers and I am going to print a bulk pile of the suckers out and plop on his desk.

The best part about all of this is he is really no longer my boss, funny thing here folks, he passed me off to a different person for me to be under, and I have no idea if this other person is my boss yet or not. Ya I have no idea why I work here either, I am a loony toon I think. So he wrote me this big long letter about all the stuff I am in “trouble” for and forward it on to my new boss. Another funny thing, she forwards the odd e-mail out just like the rest of us. Oh except him. I’m not the only one here who thinks this individual is a wack job. I am just one of the lucky few who have to deal with it.

Anyone want to hire me? I swear I am really good at my job….

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