Monday, January 7, 2008

Excuse me...which way to the gym?

My lovely husband has decided to buy a gym membership. It really does make sense for him, since he plays squash on a semi-regular basis. I am worried though, because him and his two buddies that always go *don’t always go* they go through spurts, this month they will go two times a week, next month maybe once a week, and then the month after…no squash to be had.

Oscar is trying to talk me into getting a membership as well, I’m not so sure. I don’t enjoy going into a gym and having other people look at me while I am sweating it out and looking…not so lovely, lets leave it at that. I also believe that if I did get a membership and started into a routine of going, I might never stop. If I begin this whole going two times a week thing, I might just leave my hubby in the dust. He doesn’t feel like it today, sorr, so sad, I am driving to town to go with out you then. I don’t really know….five minutes ago I thought; maybe it is a good idea. Now…not so much, he says I don’t have to make up my mind by tonight. But the guys are going to the gym tonight, so I really think I should make up my mind. There is only one machine that I really like at the gym, and that is the elliptical thinger ma-jobby. Now when you go to the gym you’re not supposed to hog machines right? Well sorry, if I am in there for an hour, so sad you can’t have the damn thing.

What I like about the membership is that I can go hang in the hot tub when I am done sweating it out like a pig in the hot summer sun. But now I am going to have to buy a lock and a gym bag….I need a new sports bra, and another pair of pants, the outfit isn’t complete without a new top. I have to go to the city and hit Lululemon, only the best for going to the gym. I think once I am done getting all prepped for the gym I will have spent about $800. Oh and I totally have to fix my itunes, I need more work out music. Only the best I said, what baby wants baby gets….I mean I have to look good to go to the gym, especially if I’m going to flaunt my flabby bod. I hate the whole t-shirt and baggy sweats thing in the gym….on women, let me clarify that. Oh god! The music in the gym usually leaves something to be desired as well. The more I think about this the better it sounds.

Wanna know what the best part of this is? McDonalds and Tim Hortons are both on my way out of town. So really, I will barely work off the calories that I will be consuming on my way home. Even if it’s going to cost $100 to put a tank of gas in my jeep, I don’t really need to eat the rest of the week do I?
Whoop whoop, gym here I come!

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