Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Finally I feel like coming back to the world of writing stuff.

I have had fun lately with our sub-zero, snowy, blowy winter landscape. To start this week off our driveway was blown in, and when I say blown in I mean it. Not cute little snowdrifts that you can plough through with your vehicle. No no, these were monster drifts that any kid would be in heaven with. Carve that puppy out and wa-la, instant snow cave. I’m tellin ya, we couldn’t get out of our yard, so yay for me I got a snow day on Monday. Monday night we got a tractor to come down our drive way and carve a small path through the monsters. The big country tractor had a hard time making it though the wall of frozen wind blown white goodness. We could get through, but almost hit our mirrors on the “walls”.

Now temperature is another thing. Wow holy mother of god and the wee donkey; Along with this crazy wind came the cold northerly temperatures. So Monday when Mother Nature was doing her best to huff and puff and blow the houses down. The temperatures hit an amazing -54 Celsius, it was probably about -36 or so and then with the wind chill felt like -54…..they say; I think it felt more like -120. I was crazy, yes I was, I know you are thinking I am always crazy but in my little head on Monday I was actually certain that I was in all ways possible CRAZY. I suited up in all the winter gear and then some, meaning: long johns (for a girl are they called long janes?), jeans, sweater, toque, long thick socks, long fuzzy scarf, lined leather gloves, bib snow pants, big thick winter coat, big winter boots and…ok I think that was it. By time I was dressed up I was sweating like a stuck pig and couldn’t see anything. My toque was down to my eyebrows and my scarf was up to the bottom of my eyes. I felt like I was in a cocoon.

I ventured outside to walk, what maybe 100 yards to the opening of our driveway just to check out the ginormous drifts in the driveway, and then back up to the house. Tell ya what; a person ALWAYS forgets how cold those temperatures are every year until they drop by. The moment I stepped out the door I knew I made a mistake, my eyes froze open and I couldn’t catch my breath (more from the psycho wind that anything) but believe you me that freakin temperature was insane. By the time I got back to the house I couldn’t feel my cheeks. You bet your booty I had a huge steaming cup of coffee and baileys when I got in. I also looked out the window on occasion and thought; never again will I be so silly as to venture out there.

I sure did get up the next morning and venture out into the same temperatures minus the wind to go to work.

And to think I could have been in Costa Rica this week.

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