Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's All Gone to the Dogs

It is a cool -50 with the windchill outside.

Our dogs......think that gives them the right to refuse the outdoor toilet and use the dining room and kitchen floor.

If you could look at my face you would see one that is not very happy and sees absolutely no humour in it.

Oscar's excuse for his little poodle is that she is like over 100 years old, so give her a break. I give my chih zhu no excuses other than laziness, and by the way I don't give the poodle any slack either, ya shes old, but she still knows how to do her business outside. Really get out do it and get in.

I am about to lose it on their little furry behinds.

I may be advertising two free dogs to go on here soon if it doesn't warm up out there. Watch for the advertisement coming soon.

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