Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Stress

I can't believe that it is Christmas already, I say this every year.

The last 2 Christmas' I have managed to get myself somewhat into the spirit. I put up the tree, get the lights on the house, get all of my snowmen from storage (I love snowmen by the way). Get the house wintery and warm.

I do love Christmas, I love the shopping for gifts and lovingly wrapping them with pretty paper and ribbons, topped off with my home-made gift labels. I get everything wrapped long before Christmas, I love that part.

On the other hand I find Christmas very stressful, I always have since Oscar and I have been together, because both of our families live right here. So of course everyone wants you, and neither of us will give anything up (our families would freak anyway). It is a blessing and a curse! Now with Isabel around it is even worse. I just want to stay home and not have to think about it. Complaining? I guess a little bit. Just today talking about having to put Isabel to bed super early so we can get her up super early is so not fair for her. I don't think this will happen next year.

Ahhh the joy of the holidays!

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