Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Makes Us Crazy

Ahhh ha-ha. So we ventured out in the -50 weather on Saturday to go to the big city and complete our Christmas shopping. Seriously, why? Because we just had to, up at 6:30 WTF its a day off! But I sacrificed. My vehicle never did fully heat up (engine I mean for all you non-mechanical brains). My tush was warm with the heated seat don't you worry about me.

You is fun, and the mall (west ed) was soooo quiet in the morning, but holy cow, the clock strikes 12 and the mall is a zoo. We quickly got the rest of what we had to do in the mall completed (including eating Opa! yummm), then headed out to the south side. Where you get to park somewhere in the middle of where you want to go and you run people you run when it is that cold, to get to each store without freezing your appendages off. We had to hit, Ikea (which I am a pro at speed walking through, I believe we were in and out in record time 30 minutes.) then we had to hit: golf town, Michael's (my personal fave), Children's place, Quicksilver outlet....hmmm oh a Walmart seriously I know we have two right here, but we were trying to find a certain item and we just wanted to get 'er done. I am missing a few stores, I know it. However I am proud to say that Christmas shopping is complete and all gifts are wrapped. whoop whoop!

We were completely done shopping by 6:00 and headed out of the city, but of course you always have to stop and visit friends when you are up that way. Needless to say we didn't actually get home until 2:00. sleep

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