Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I love the snow

I took Isabel out into the snow for her first real time today. She has been out there, but it has been to cold for her to really get into it and play, she tasted the snow off her mitts and her cheeks got rosy red. It was so fun, it made me remember how much I loved playing out in the snow, you know one of those trips down memory lane.

I remember going out and playing for hours in the snow. Mom would send me out in the middle of the afternoon and I wouldn't go back in until Dad would get home from work and it was dark out. What did I do outside in the snow? I really cant remember much, other than laying with my dog Sheara and digging out snowdrifts. I remember going to skate at the outdoor rink and going into the little building to huddle up to the heater, just to go back out again.

One of my favorite memories is when we would all go skating on the creek. Family and friends would pack up hot dogs, hot chocolate and everything you would need for an evening of skating and visiting around a fire while us kids would skate on the creek and some of the adults would come out for a quick skate as well. Another great outside holiday memory I have is on Christmas day when supper was at our house all of my Aunts, Uncles cousins, grandparents.....Everyone would come over early in the day so that we could all suit up and head out to the big hill behind our house and we would sled and visit and play all day until we were either frozen or it was time to head in for supper.

Tis' the season for snowy memories!

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